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US Auction #2 is in progress and ends on 4 June 2020 at 18:30 GMT.

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Lot 141

Vincent DRENNAN (1902-1983?).

Original artwork: an assembled album “Seeking Reality of True Love, Each Tear has the Beauty of a Star”.

Unsold in sale number 1: quite a substantial collection of the artist's work, displaying the use of various techniques, here gathered ino a single very attrecative…

Lot 142

Daniel DEFOE as a bankrupt. – LONDON GAZETTE official notification

'The London Gazette', number 4246, 'From Thursday July 18. to Monday July 22. 1706'

Rare piece of Defoe-iana.

Lot 143

MANUSCRIPT MUSIC. - F.S. SQUIRE (artist/compilor)

A Victorian illustrated manuscript musical common-place book.

A beautifully produced piece of High Victoriana.

Lot 144

POETRY - Eugenie Du Maurier MEREDITH

One-off book, with typescript title ‘Roses and Rue / Eugenie Du Maurier Meredith / 1927’.

Lot 145

U.S. CARD GAME. – W. & S.B. IVES (manufacturers).

[The Game of Trades.]

Unsold in sale #1: rare and fun - worth a second look.

Lot 146

CARD GAME. - Wilmarth Sheldon LEWIS (1895-1979). – Horace WALPOLE (1717-1797).

The Impenetrable Secret probably invented by Horace Walpole. An explanation of the Secret ... Note on the Original by W.S. Lewis.

unsold on sale number 1 - unusal and beautiful: a good combination worth a second look

Lot 147

NEW YORK CITY. - H. BOLLMANN (cartographer). – PICTORIAL MAPS Inc. (publishers).

New York Map Guide. Picture Map in Full Color.

unsold in sale #1 - rather like the London Underground map, this image of New York City is heading for Iconic Status and is worth a second look

Lot 148

Wall Map of GUILFORD, Ct. – H. IRVINE (surveyor). – Richard CLARK (publisher).

Map of the Town of Guilford New Haven County Connecticut. From Actual Survey by H. Irvine, surveyor. Published by Richard Clark

Unsold in sale #1 - the best early large scale map of this beautiful New England town, and worth offering again: essentialif you live inthe area

Lot 149

TELECOMMUNICATIONS Incunable. - A.H. KELLOGG (printer and publisher).

The New York & New Jersey Telephone Company ... List of Subscribers connected Nov. 16, 1885.

Unsold in sale #1. Very early, very rare and very cheap when compared to the 1st telephone book ($170,500): worth trying again.

Lot 150

President Dwight D. EISENHOWER (1890-1969). - Roald DAHL (1916-1990).

The Gremlins. From the Walt Disney Production. A Royal Air Force Story. By Flight Lieutenant Roald Dahl.

Unsold in sale #1: poor copy of a very rare book, by a highly colectable author + signed by General Eisenhower. What's not to like? Oh yeah - a poor copy…

Lot 151

Roald DAHL (1916-1990)

Over to You. 10 Stories of Flyers and Flying.

Unsold in the 1st sale: Dahl's first book for adults with stories drawn from his experiences in the RAF during WWII.

Lot 152

Oscar WILDE (1854-1900). – Joanna ISLES (1954-2011).

["The Selfish Giant"] original artwork + 1st US edition of the published book].

unsold in the 1st sale: worth a second look.

Lot 153

Robert CRAWFORD (artist) & Leigh W. RUTLEDGE.

The Lighthouse, the Cat, and the Sea. A Tropical Tale. - inscribed book + original artwork

Unsold in 1st sale: exceptional image by a highly talented contemporary illustrator

Lot 154

John HEARTFIELD (1891-1968, designer).

An inscribed progress proof of Heartfield’s design for the dust-jacket of ‘Europe in Bondage Edited by by John Armitage’

Lot 155

"To Be Young, Gifted amd Black". - Lorraine HANSBERRY (1930-1965).

The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window. A drama in three acts. [Introduction by Robert Nemiroff Foreword by John Braine.]

Actor Paul Scofield's copy - inexplicably unsold in the 1st sale.

Lot 156

"Dedication: To the Militant Young Blacks". - Hart LeRoi BIBBS (1930-1994).

Poly Rhythms to Freedom [ … second printing].

Unsold in the 1st sale: this presentation copy to the owners of the well-known Parisian hang-out "Chez Haynes" deserves a second outing.

Lot 157

Frederick DOUGLASS (1818-1895).

Frederick Douglass A Selection from his Writings compiled by John Welwood.

Lot 158

CHEROKEE author of "Green Grow the Lilacs". - Lynn RIGGS (1899-1954).

Listen, Mind.

Limited to just 50 copies this is the rarest of Lynn Riggs’ separately printed works

Lot 159


[Collection of books by Sherwood, presentation copies to his family, 12 titles. All but one inscribed by Sherwood]

An important collection of family presentation copies. Unsold in the 1st sale: a second chance with a reserve lowered slightly: this collection are/is ideal…

Lot 160

[William Hall DRIGGS (1847-1908)]. - Louis Labadie DRIGGS (1868-1942).

“Automatic Ordnance in the American Navy” 14pp. typescript

a survey and also a ‘sales-pitch’ for ‘the new gun invented by Commander W.H. Driggs … [which is] less complicated than any other semi-automatic gun'

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