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Crawford, Moya

Deep Water

Published: Thomas Reed Publications, Bradford Upon Avon, 1999 ISBN 0901281832

Edition: First Edition

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Estimate: $100-175

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'That's it Moya...we've tripled the world depth record for commercial cargo recovery.' Behind those few simple words lies the remarkable story of a husband and wife salvage team who took on the world's premier marine companies and beat them at their own game.

Thre story begins on Foula, Britain's most remote inhabited isle, where the seventeen-year-old Moya met and married Alec, who was diving on RMS Oceanic, stablemate to the more famous Titanic. After losing their recovery vessel in a storm, the only way they can continue is by purchasing a burnt-out fishing boat lying on the sea bed. This they raise, and completely refit using secondhand equipment.

Lifting cargo from sunken World War II cargo ships proves a misery, but a belief in the value of what they are doing sustains the couple through lard times. To add to their woes, a misunderstanding with the Royal Navy causes a major security scare and leads to two nuclear submarines being sent back to dry-dock on the Clyde.

Problems with lack of finance, the Department of Transport and the dramatic arrest and subsequent trial of Alec as a suspected terrorist in Sicily, all contrive to hamper their progress.

Hardback with unclipped dustcover. Half Title. Title. Contents. Dedication, Acknowledgements. 280 pages text with supporting photographs.

  • Jacket Condition: Fine
  • Binding Condition: Fine
  • Overall Condition: Fine
  • Size: 24 X 16cm

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