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Lot 81

Dr. E. C. Godée-Molsbergen

A History of South Africa for Use in Schools & Geschiedenis van Zuid-Afrika voor Schoolgebruik - English & Dutch 1st Eds. (1910)

Compiled at the request of The Zuid-Afrikaanse Taalbond, The Zuid-Afrikaanse Onderwijzers Unie & The Afrikaanse Christelike Vrouwen Vereniging

Lot 82

Louis Changuion, Frik Jacobs, Paul Alberts

SUFFERING OF WAR - A Photographic Portrayal of the Suffering in the Anglo-Boer War

Lot 83

Arthur Davey

The Defence of Ladysmith and Mafeking - Brenthurst Series (edition limited to 1000 copies)

Lot 84

Smithers, Reay H.N

The Mammals of the Southern African Subregion- (Subscriber's Edition 367 of 900 copies- Signed)

Lot 85

Warwick Tarboton

Birds of Southern Africa- The Sasol Plates Collection- Slipcase

Lot 86

Tom Davis (Introductio)

Wild Harvest-The Animal Art of Bob Kuhn. First Edition with signed Artist's Book Plate one of 4800 copies

Lot 87

Various as Indicated

South African Archival Records- NATAL- Volumes 1-6. 1838-1859 +1845-1846

Notule Van Die Natalse Volksraad (Volledig met alle bylae Daarby)

Lot 88

Rohwer, Rolf

Campfire Tales. ( Numbered and Signed Edition. 399 of 1000 copies)

Stories from the Life of a Professional Hunter in Zambia and Tanzania

Lot 89

Piet Nortje

The Terrible Ones- A Complete History of 32 Battalion- 2 Volume Boxed Set.

Lot 90

Scholtz, Clarke.H & Holm, Erik

Insects of Southern Africa- Revised Reprint

Lot 91

Dovey,Mike & Bottrill, Peter

The Bombay-Aden Sea Post Office 1868-1914 + Timetables & Statistics for the Sailings (2 Volumes)

Lot 92


India Post. Index 1967-97

Lot 93

Napier Devitt


Lot 94

Colonel A G McKenzie

Delayed Action

Lot 95

Leo Weinthal (Editor)

Memories, Mines and Millions

The Life Story of Sir Joseph Robinson

Lot 96

Hopson,S & McCloy, B.M

Seychelles-Postal History & Postage Stamps to 1976

Lot 97

Sergay, Clive


Collector's Exhibition Series No 1

Lot 98

Dickson, John and Hanman, Keith

The Postal Stationery of Natal

Lot 99

Cooksey, Christopher.J and Harrop, Keith.G

The Postal History of Southern Rhodesia During World War II

Lot 100

Vallance,Colonel E.T

Postmen at War

A History of the Army Postal Services from the Middle Ages to 1945

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