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Lot 1


Dictionnaire des Graveurs anciens et modernes, Depuis l'origine de la Gravure, Par F. Basan, Graveur; Seconde édition

Extra-illustrated, 2 volumes expanded to 4. Important provenance

Lot 2

[Bishop John WILKINS (1614-1672)].

Mathematicall Magick, or, the wonders that may be performed by Mechanical Geometry.

A charming copy of a charming work by “the wisest clergyman I ever knew. He was a lover of mankind, and had a delight in doing good." (G. Burnet)

Lot 3

Richard HAYES

The Negociator's Magazine: or, the Exchanges Anatomiz’d ... The second edition. By ... Hayes, Accomptant and Writing-Master.

Lot 4

[Emperor JUSTINIAN (c.482-565)]

[Corpus juris civilis. trans. Body of Civil Law: the foundation of Western legal tradition]

Fine typography, uniform contemporary pigskin bindings

Lot 5

Antonio PEREZ (1583-1673)

Ivs Pvblicvm, quo arcana & iura principis exponuntur

fine copy: a 17th-century Spanish jurist comments on Roman law.

Lot 6

Teodoro ARDEMANS (or ARDMANS, c.1661-1726, Achitect & Painter)

[Building ordinances, Madrid, etc] Ordenanzas de Madrid y otras diferentes, que se practican en las ciudades de Toledo, y Sevilla

Spanish legal building regulations.

Lot 7

Benjamin ROBINS (1707-1751).

Mathematical Tracts. Vol. I containing his New Principles of Gunnery ... .Vol. II. ... his Discourse on the Methods of Fluxions

A posthumous work by a cheerleader for Sir Isaac Newton, from the libary of a friend and supporter of Benjamin Franklin

Lot 8

G.[ervaise] M.[ARKHAM] and W.[illiam] L.[AWSON]

A Way to Get Wealth containing Six Principall Vocations

Baron Northwick's copy of this 1668 compendium on Gardening, Bee-Keeping, Angling, Tennis, Horses, Farming, Medicene, etc. - six works for the price of one.

Lot 9

John NEWBERY (publisher)

The News-Readers Pocket-Book: or, a Military Dictionary... And a Naval Dictionary...

To which is added, a Concise Political History of Europe. With the Genealogies and Families of several Emperors, Kings, and Princes, now reigning.

Lot 10

Urbain DUBOIS (1818-1901) & Émile BERNARD (1826-1907)

La Cuisine Classique, études pratiques, raisonnées et démonstratives de l'école Française appliquée au service de la Russie.


Lot 11

Edward KIDDER (1665/6 - 1739)

Kidder's Receipts of Pastry and Cookery, For the Use of his Scholars.

engraved throughout, includes the first recipe for puff pastry

Lot 12

[Samuel PEPYS (1633-1703)]

Memoires relating to the State of the Royal Navy of England, for Ten Years, Determin'd December 1688.

with a related letter and Pepys' portrait bookplate in place of the portrait frontispiece

Lot 13

Benjamin CROSBY and Co. (publishers). – John PHILLIPS.

Crosby's Builders' New Price Book, for 1811, containing a correct account of all the present prices

Jane Austen's first publisher (almost)

Lot 14

RAILROADS & CANALS. – British Parliament, House of Commons (publishers)

Third [...Fourth; ... Fifth] Report from the Select Committee on Railway and Canal Bills

Lot 15

William COBBETT (1763-1835).

Rural Rides in the Counties of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, [etc.] ... With Economical and Political Observations

extra-illustrated with Cobbett's clipped signature.

Lot 16

Mary Ann Tocker (1778–1853)

[Mary Ann Tocker v. Richard Gurney: a Sammelband containing three of the pamphlets resulting from her trial for libel].

William Cobbett to Mary Ann Tocker "By your eloquence, you have convinced an honest jury, that to utter truth is not a crime..". Mary Ann Tocker (1778–1853) “the…

Lot 17

MALARIA, and its treatment. - Simon MASON (b.1701).

The Nature of an Intermitting Fever and Ague consider'd : wherein is explain'd, the cause of each succeeding symptom

Lot 18

Lassa Francis Lawrence OPPENHEIM (1858 – 1919).

International Law. A Treatise … Vol.I. Peace; […Vol.II. War and Neutrality].

fine set of the first edition of the author's best known work, which continues to be relevant today

Lot 19

[Dr. Arthur BROUGHTON (c.1756 - 1796)] & Carl von Linne , i.e. LINNAEUS.

Enchiridion Botanicum: complectens Characteres Genericos et Specificos Plantarum per Insulas Britannicas sponte nascentium

Manual of Botany: the generic and specific characteristics of plants which will grow in Britain

Lot 20

William HUDSON (1734-1793)

[An English Flora] Flora anglica : exhibens plantas per regnum Angliae sponte crescentes, distributas secundum systema sexuale

Preface by Benjamin Stillingfleet. First edition of a work which marks the establishment of Linnean principles of botany.

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