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Lot 181

Victor HUGO (1802-1885).

Les Misérables.

Lot 182

[Benjamin FRANKLIN]. - Jacques-Vincent DELACROIX (1743-1832).

Constitutions des principaux Etats de l’Europe et des Etats-Unis de l’Amerique.

Unsold in the first sale - an interestibg work which deserves a second lokk

Lot 183

[NAPOLEONIC WARS, nutrition]. - [L'Administration royale [de Saxe] des fournitures]

[Conference of Dresden] Réglement de nourriture : Pour les troupes confédérées, passant par le Royaume de Saxe.

Lot 184

“George SAND” [Amantine Aurore Lucile DUPIN, leter Baronne Dudevant (1804-1876)].

Cosima ou la haine dans l'amour: drame en cinq actes précédé d'un prologue par George Sand.

Lord Henry Seymour's copy.

Lot 185

Lydia Huntley SIGOURNEY (1791 – 1865). – [19th-century School, ENGLISH or AMERICAN].

An original pastel and pencil portrait on board, label to verso “Portrait of Mrs. Sigourney / From Lord Calthorpe’s Coll.[ection]”

‘the sweet singer of Hartford,’ one of the first American women to succeed at a literary career.

Lot 186

A.-A.-E. DISDÉRI, R. J. BINGHAM , F. RANDEGGER, and FERRET of Nice, photographers.

A spectacular album celebrating the life of Madame Henriette Biedermann KANN, who died, in Paris, aged 27

A memorial album to a member of one of the great ‘bourgeois’ Jewish families of Europe

Lot 187

Theodore Christopher MARCEAU, BELLECLAIRE Studio and others (photographers).

Haute Couture: New York ‘Society’ photographs, a collection of eleven photographs

Lot 188

Barnett McFee CLINEDINST (1862-1953, photographer).

A group of six formal portraits of foreign ambassadors to the United States, and other foreign diplomatic figures.

Includes representatives from Italy; Persia/Iran; Chile; Germany; Russia; Japan

Lot 189

1951 INDIANAPOLIS 500. - Robert H. WESTMORELAND (d. 1999, photographer).

A small group of original Kodachrome 5 x 4 inch photos. taken by Westmoreland before 30 May 1951 running of the Indianapolis 500.

unsold in sale #1 - an evocative selection, recalling the danger and the epoch: worth a second look

Lot 190

BOHEMIAN GROVE, California. - Charles Peter Gabriel MOULIN (1872-1945, photographer).

Framed and inscribed portrait of Charles Kellogg FIELD (1873-1948), the subject shown seated on a bench in the Bohemian Grove.

Inscribed by C.K. Field to his cousin, author Roswell Martin Field

Lot 191

RUSSIA, Moscow. - 19th-century RUSSIAN SCHOOL (photographer).

An early mounted photograph of the ‘Tsar Bell’ in Moscow.

Lot 192

ROME, Italy. - Joseph SPITHOVER (publisher of photographs, 1813-1892).

Three studies of classical Roman statuary.

Lot 193

ROME - Joseph SPITHOVER (1813-1892, publisher of photographs) & another photographer.

Two photographic studies of Roman architectural gems.

Lot 194

VENICE, Italy. - Carlo NAYA (1816-1882, photographer).

A pair of photographs of architectural details in Venice

Lot 195

VENICE, Italy. - Carlo PONTI (1823-1893, photographer).

A pair of colored photographs of architectural landmarks in Venice.

Lot 196

VENICE, Italy. - Carlo NAYA (1816-1882, photographer).

A pair of photographs of building facades in Venice.

Lot 197

[SCOTLAND, EDINBURGH Worthies]. - James G. TUNNY (1820-1887, photographer) & others.

Portrait photograph of Dr. James Warburton Begbie, seated 3/4 length. + two other portrait photograhs

Lot 198


[MID-CENTURY MODERN] “India Modern hand woven in India”

a pictorial archive of 104 photos taken in India, plus 12 publicity shots of the rugs and carpets as they were presented to the American consumer, and a 2pp. typed…

Lot 199

WARWICKSHIRE, & elsewhere, 19thc. photography. – VARIOUS Photographers.

An early album containing topographical photographs, in the county of Warwickshire, as well as other locations in the U.K.

Lot 200

[Jane TAYLOR (1783-1824), and Ann TAYLOR (1782-1866, later Ann Gilbert)].

Original Poems, for Infant Minds, by Several Young Persons.

"This is one of the most influential books of poetry in the history of children's literature" (Rosenbach)

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