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Lot 201

[Ann TAYLOR (1782-1866), later Ann Gilbert]

My Mother a Poem Embellished with Designs. By a Lady. Engraved by P.W. Tomkins. Engraver to Her Majesty.

'The first edition of "My Mother" is a notable rarity, missing from many famous collections.' (Cotsen Children's Library).

Lot 202

GUGGENHEIM Foundation Fellowship Winner - Sid HAMMER (1926-1969, artist).


This was unsold in sale #1 - an extraordinary production in so many ways: it deserves a second outing.

Lot 203

U.S. ANTI-FASCIST, anti-Nazi. - FIGHT FOR FEEDOM, INC.(publishers).

[Adolf Hitler anti-Nazi broadside] … … Wanted for Murder …. Adolf Schicklgruber Alias Hitler

A rare survival - unsold in the 1st sale, but worth a second look.

Lot 204

[J. M. HEATHCOTE (translator and author), Friedrich von SCHILLER, , and others]


Very rare: this is the second recorded copy of this work. The author is best known for a later work on the East Anglian Fenland and as an early photographer

Lot 205

Emma Hardinge BRITTEN (1823-1899, editor) - [William BRITTEN (author)]

[American Spiritualism; Women.] Art Magic; or, Mundane, Sub-Mundane and Super-Mundane Spiritualism.

Editor/author’s copy.

Lot 206

PERU, President Lois M. SANCHEZ Cerro . - FOTO AVILES HNOS, and others, photographers

Photo archive: The Prince of Wales & the Peruvian President Lois M. Sanchez Cerro in February 1931

including the rare signature of the President: the first indigenous leader of a South American country,

Lot 207

[MILLWORKERS from Lowell, Mass (contributors)] - [Charles KNIGHT (editor)].

Mind amongst the Spindles: a selection from The Lowell Offering, a miscellany wholly composed by the factory girls

Introduction by Charles Knight with a letter in the intro. from Harriet Martineau.

Lot 208

Mary A. HODGSON COLLINS (1839-1928).

Manuscript draft of [“My first trip Across the Plains in 1861. By Mrs E.H. Collins nee Mary A. Hodgson”],

Lot 209

Jonathan EDWARDS, Samule HOPKINS and Nathanael EMMONS.

[American imprints] Sammelband with Four 18th-Century items

Printers: Anthony Haswell, "printer patriot of Bennington, VT"; Shepard Kollock, Elizabethtown, NJ; & William Durell, NYC.

Lot 210

Elizabeth Susan Abbot (nee Law), Lady COLCHESTER (1799-1883).

[Three works in one volume, all privately printed]

presentation volume given to the important political hostess, the Marchioness of Salisbury.

Lot 211

[BAUHAUS Era]. - Robert PFAFFLE (publisher and manufacturer)

[Erpees Katalog No.26] Robert Pfäffle.... Schwenningen

Illustrated German electric lighting catalog, with tinted images of early electric light fixtures

Lot 212

Aisaburō AKIYAMA

[Japanese Culture.] The Gion Festival, 1918.

Inscribed by author in English and Japanese.

Lot 213

ALDINE Press (publishers). - Decimus Magnus AUSONIUS (circa 310-395 A.D.)


1517 Aldine printing of the works of this Gallo-Roman poet and rhetorician.

Lot 214

MEXICO, Spiritualism. - Alfonso GARCIA TELLEZ

[Mexican Artist’s Book & Ethnographic Artifact] Historia de una Vivienda para Hacer una Ofrenda al Santo Tecuil…

Mexican-Indian Folk Art manuscript & applied cut-paper designs.

Lot 215

Marco Girolamo VIDA, Bishop of Alba (1485?-1566)

[1566 Poetry.] Marci Hieronymi Vidae Cremonensis, Albae Episcopi, Opera: Quorum Catalogum Sequens Pagella Continet

Neo -Latin Poetry; Lyon imprint, italic type

Lot 216

John MARSHALL - Joseph YEAGER (engraver).

Atlas to Marshall's Life of Washington.

10 hand-tinted maps by Joseph Yeager

Lot 217

Philip DODDRIDGE (1702-1751)

[American imprint.] The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul: Illustrated in a Course of Serious and Practical Addresses

Dedicated by Doddridge to Isaac Watts

Lot 218

[Washington IRVING, William IRVING, James K. PAULDING, and Evert A. DUYCKINCK]

Salmagundi, or, the Whimwhams and Opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq. and Others.

Lot 219

Charles DARWIN

Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex. In Two Volumes.

First American Edition, with publisher's ad for Origin of the Species.

Lot 220

W. H. BARTLETT (and others, artists). - John CARNE (1789-1844)

Syria, the Holy Land, Asia Minor, &C. Illustrated: In a Series of Views Drawn from Nature.

full leather binding, all plates and maps present.

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