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US Auction #2 is in progress and ends on 4 June 2020 at 18:30 GMT.

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Lot 21

[David HUME, Baron Hume (1757–1838), and others]. - Sir Archibald Gordon KINLOCH.

The Trial of Sir Archibald Gordon Kinloch, of Gilmerton, Bart: For the Murder of Sir Francis Kinloch, Bart., His Brother-German

the establishment of 'diminished responsability' as a legal defence in Scotland - argued by Lord Hume

Lot 22

GENOA, Italy. - Filippo CASONI (1662-1723).

Calligraphic manuscript ‘Annali di Genova del secolo XVII. Descritti da Filippo Casoni e riformati da Gio. Benedetto Gritta

history of 17th-century Genoa, Italy

Lot 23

Dr Andrew WILSON

The Modern Physician being a complete guide to the attainment and preservation of health … by Dr. … Wilson [& others]

fine condition + dust-jackets + shipping box

Lot 24

Daniel WEBSTER (1758-1843).

A Dictionary of the English language ... By Noah Webster … Reprinted by E.H. Barker ... from a copy communicated by the Author

Ex-lot 41 from the first sale in March - a second chance to buy this attractive copy of the 1st English edition of Webster's masterwork.

Lot 25


“The Sensuous Refrigerator Eating to Love by Randi North & Ned Weston Copyright … 1974” – a contemporary copy typescript.

Lot 26

Sidney Edward LETTS (1868-1940, cabinet maker, and antiques dealer, London, UK).

A numbered collection of 44 vintage photographs featuring 397 separate numbered items, mostly furniture, most in room settings

the stock of an antiques dealer who sold antiques used in Henry Clay Frick's New York mansion

Lot 27

GEOLOGY and PALEONTOLOGY. - Henry Thomas Maire Silvertop WITHAM (1779–1844).

[Three works on fossil plants - all inscribed by the author]

Lot 28

BINDING. - James DODSLEY (1724-1797, publisher).

A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes by Several Hands.

a beautiful set in a contemporary binding

Lot 29

[Aubrey BEARDSLEY] - Honoré de BALZAC (1799-1850).

[ La Comédie Humaine, in English] The Novels of … Balzac now for the first time completely translated into English.

The complete set, translated into English, with bindings designed by Aubrey Beardsley

Lot 30

American BINDING. - William SHAKESPEARE.

The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare ... corrections and illustrations of Dr. Johnson ... and others, revised by Isaac Reed.

Lot 31

BINDINGS. – George COLMAN, the elder (1732-1794).

The Dramatick Works

Lot 32

BINDINGS. - [Thomas MOORE, William Cusack SMITH and others (contributors)].

Anthologia Hibernica: or Monthly Collections of Science, Belles-Lettres, and History. Illustrated with beautiful engravings.

very fine set

Lot 33

BINDINGS. - Jane AUSTEN (1775-1817).

The Novels of Jane Austen [Winchester Edition.]

fine set from the shop of Joseph William Zaehnsdorf (1853-1930), bound for the American market

Lot 34


The Plays of William Shakespeare.

large paper issue - very rare

Lot 35


Commentaries on the Laws of England

Legal Classics Library set - excellent condition.

Lot 36

Methodism, John WESLEY. – John William FLETCHER (1729-1785).

The Works of the Rev. John Fletcher … Second American Edition.

a fine set of works by the "Holiest Man I've Ever Known" (John Wesley)

Lot 37

HAITI & DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, including slavery. - William WALTON (1784-1857)

Present State of the Spanish Colonies, Including a ... Report of Hispañola, or ... part of Santo Domingo [etc.]

Ex-lot 131 from US sale #1, where it was unsold, but worth a second look: signed and with manuscirpt material

Lot 38

CIRCUMNAVIGATION. - William SIMPSON (1823 - 1899)

[Meeting the Sun] All Round the World

unsold in US sale 1, ex-lot 27: this lot deserves another chance. a unique copy in terms of title, text and date

Lot 39

L. Rawlins PICKMAN & Caleb FOOTE of Salem, Mass. (owners) – Sir John CARR (1772-1832)

The Stranger in France: or, a tour from Devonshire to Paris, By … Carr. First published in London, 1803.

Lot 40

Charles-Marie de LA CONDAMINE (1701-1774)

Relation abrégé d'un Voyage fait dans … l'Amérique meridionale

[bound with:] Lettre à Madame *** (re. Peru, as usual)

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