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US Auction #2 is in progress and ends on 4 June 2020 at 18:30 GMT.

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Lot 81

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[‘Split-screen’ views of ‘Tel Aviv’, original artwork]

Lot 82

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[The Film Set: a series of four original artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.]

Lot 83

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

“L’Union de la Force” [the U.S. military being welcomed to Haiti in September 1994: artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.]

Lot 84

Margaret D. NEILSON (nee MACADAM. Illustrator & designer).

A collection of original sketches of Caribbean & S. American scenes (incl. Argentina), children (reminiscent of J.H. Dowd’s work).

Lot 85

UNITED NATIONS, 50th Anniversary in 1995 . - Barry FANTONI, Peter SCHRANK and others.

Original artwork for an [?unpublished] commemorative book to titled, ‘F UN 50 Cartoon Book.'

50 separate cartoons

Lot 86

TREES, LEWES Castle, etc.. – Henry William BURGESS, of 134 Sloane Street, Chelsea.)

A sketch book containing penciled sketches by an unknown hand, of trees, castles, etc., a few with identifiers and dates.

Lot 87

Arthur SCHOPENHAUER (1788-1860, philosopher). - John Rathbone HARVEY (1862-1933).

Original head and shoulders portrait of Arthur Schopenhauer, charcoal and pastel

Lot 88

Ralph STEADMAN (b. 1936)

[Original signed caricature portrait of Art Historian and Broadcaster Kenneth Clark, Lord Clark]

coruscating caricature of “one of the most influential figures in British art of the twentieth century” (wikipedia) - previously owned by Auberon Waugh.

Lot 89

CANADA/RUSSIA. - Valentin Firsov SHABAEFF (1891-1978)

An original study for ‘Hunting in XVI Century in Russia’.

Lot 90

Lanning ROPER (landscape architect). - Primrose HARLEY ROPER (1908-1978, artist).

[An original watercolor study of a blush of peonies]

Lot 91

Attributed to W H M TURNER (fl.1850 - 1887)

Two watercolor studies of cattle

Lot 92

William Sidney COOPER (1854-1927).

Two sketches: a blinkered horse's head and a horned cow.

Lot 93

Attr. to James WARD, R.A. (1769-1859)

Pencil and chalk study of a standing saddled horse, signed ‘J.W.’ lower left, on toned paper

Lot 94

Simon FOKKE (1712-1784, engraver)

Inscribed proof engraving, titled 'Leeuwendaal hersteld door de Vrede'

Lot 95

NOGAI in the UKRAINE. - A. GRUNFELD (artist)

A fine pair of portraits of two members of a leading Nogai family in Akkermen (present day, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine)

Lot 96

Attributed to Benjamin Robert HAYDON (1786 – 1846).

Two leaves with three pages of original sketches, pen and ink, one with wash added.

The artist considers the options: a fascinating insight into Haydon's working methods.

Lot 97

LONDON in the 18th century. - Attributed to J. ARMSTRONG (artist)

Original drawing titled “Halfway House to Stepney”

Lot 98

Jean COCTEAU (1889-1963, artist). - Leslie CHARTERIS (1907-1993).

An original coloured drawing of ‘The Saint’ stick-figure, seated on a chair, arms raised and spread wide, the sun and sea behind

inscribed ‘a / Leslie / Charteris / l’ami / Jean Cocteau / Cannes 1961’

Lot 99

DANCE, in America. Carnegie Hall (venue). – Liljan ESPENAK (1905-1988, dancer).

Original artwork for a poster/flyer “Carnegie Hall Recital Hall Friday May 12 [19]61 LILJAN ESPENAK Dance improvisation program

Lot 100

[Isaac] Robert CRUIKSHANK (1789-1856).

[Ostrich Racing], an original illustration

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