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US Auction #2 is in progress and ends on 4 June 2020 at 18:30 GMT.

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US Auction #2 - All Lots

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Lot 101

6th (Inniskilling) DRAGOON GUARDS. – Charles Cadogan, 2nd Baron CADOGAN (1685-1776).

A printed and manuscript indented document, signed by ‘Cadogan’

Lot 102

ANTARCTICA. - Captain Lawrence Edward Grace "Titus" OATES

A small group of manuscript and printed ephemera recalling Oates’s time with the Inniskilling Dragoon Guards in Egypt and India

Lot 103

ANGLO-SPANISH WAR, 1727-1729. - Great Britain, Parliament, HOUSE of LORDS.

[Treaty of Seville] The Lords Protest on the Treaty of Peace, Union, and Friendship, between Great Britain, France, and Spain

Lot 104

BROADSIDE Poetry. - [Anonymous, attrib. to pseudonymously named 'Retrop Bajulus'].

The Biters Bit / or the / Farmer's Blunde[r] / A Tale.

Lot 105

MATHEMATICIAN'S portrait. - [Bernhard JOBIN (d.1597, artist).]

[Stephan BRECHTEL (1523-1574)]. Effigies D. Stephani Brechtelii ... qui anno Christi MCLXXIIII ... ex hac vita excessit

a very rare memorial broadside: one othet copy recorded.

Lot 106

Edward RUTLEDGE (signer of the Declaration of Independence). – PHOENIX ASSURANCE Co.

Certificate of Insurance for Hon. Edward Rutledge's "Dwelling House only situate on the West side of Broad Street Charleston"

ex-first US sale: an attractive and intriguing piece. Overlooked? just in case, it is here re-offered with a lower reserve.

Lot 107

PARLIAMENT, Great Britain. - WHALING, the Northern Seas.

A Collection of 21 Acts of Parliament regulating or related to whaling, most limited to whaling in the Northern hemisphere.

Lot 108

PARLIAMENT, Great Britain. - WHALING, the Southern Seas

A Collection of 16 Acts of Parliament regulating or related to whaling, Southern hemisphere

Lot 109

[Lucy and Bernard BARTON] – Attrib. to John W. ARCHER (1808-1864, artist engraver).

An uncut suite of steel engravings, being the plates to ‘Scripture History, for the Young’.

Lot 110

[Sometimes attributed to Thomas WILSON (1774-1854), dancing master].

Analysis of the London Ball-room : in which Is comprised, the History ... , interspersed with Characteristic Observations

uncut in the original boards

Lot 111

BRANSTON & WRIGHT (engravers) - W.HARVEY, [E. LEAR & others?]. - [E. T. BENNETT]

The Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society Delineated

very rare issue on India Paper throughout

Lot 112

BINDING, Embroidered cloth with the Portuguese Royal Arms.

[Portuguese Almanack]. Diario Ecclesiastico para o Reino de Portugal Principalmente para a Cidade de Lisboa, para o Anno de 1816.

Lot 113

[John MARTIN (1789-1854) – Charles MUSS (1779- August[?] 1824)].

[Thirty-Three Original Designs from Gay’s Fables, drawn and etched by the late Charles Muss, Enamel Painter to His Majesty.]

Lot 114

Samuel PROUT (1783-1852, artist).

Sketches at Home and Abroad. Hints on the Aquirement of Freedom of Execution and Breadth of Effect in Landscape Painting.

apparently unrecorded de luxe issue with the lates on India Paper mounted

Lot 115

BRAZIL, botany. - Attributed to Augusta Innes WITHERS (1792-1877).

[Gesneria douglasii (named by Lindley in 1826, now Sinningia douglasii], original artwork

Lot 116

VILMORIN-ANDRIEUX & Cie, (seed merchants). - Elisa CHAMPIN & Joséphine COUTANCE

Original pencil and watercolor botanical drawing +2 'Album Vilmorin' hand-colored lithographs

Lot 117

[Margaret MEEN (c.1755-1824, née Coleman )]

Exotic Plants from The Royal Gardens at Kew.

Lot 118

SALMON Fishing. - Frank W. BENSON (1862–1951, artist)


The one that got away: unsold in the first sale (lot 81), now re-offered with a slightly lower reserve.

Lot 119

President Andrew JACKSON (1767-1845).

Jackson Democrats Read This. An Extract from the Farewell Address of President Jackson in 1837.

unsold in US auction #1: this broadside is very rare and worth a second look.

Lot 120

President Andrew JACKSON. - Washington IRVING.

A 3pp. autograph letter signed, New York, Feb 19th 1834, to Francis Barber Ogden, the U.S. Consul for the Port of Liverpool,

Unsold in the first US sale: an interesting letter that deserves a second time around.

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