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Lot 161

[“Early Modern Feminist” (L.Pau)]. - [Eliza FENWICK (1767-1840)]

The Life of Carlo, the Famous Dog of Drury-Lane Theatre: with his portrait, and other copper plates.

Very rare first edition

Lot 162

MEXICO, Sonido 13 - Julián CARRILLO, Leopold STOKOWSKI, Nicoline & Emil MIX.

[Microtonal Music] A small archive of material relating to Carrillo’s “Sonido 13”.

Lot 163

Sir George ROBEY (1869-1954)

[The 1932 filming of Don Quixote] A series of 28 autograph letters, from the South of France, to his mistress

'Don Quixote' was directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst (1885-1967), and starred opera singer Feodor Chaliapin, Sr. (1873-1938) in the title role.

Lot 164

STREATOR, Illinois. - Col. Ralph O. PLUMB (1816-1903), & Gen. Lew WALLACE (author).

[U.S. Politics, local and national, including the 'Free Silver' debate, religion, and family matters] A group of 14 letters

unsold in sale #! : a fascinating selection that is worth a second look

Lot 165

Col. Ralph O. PLUMB (1816-1903) & Marilla E. PLUMB (nee BORDEN) & Harriet PLUMB.

[Oberlin College, Ohio politics, etc.]. Large format autograph letter from Ralph, Marilla and Harriet Plumb to Hiram A. Plumb

unsold in sale #1, but worth a second look

Lot 166

ANTI-VIETNAM. - Robert Andrew PARKER (b.1927) & John F. MAHONY (1924-2018).

Manuscript scroll, titled 'In Tarrytown, July 4, 1971 / A Declaration of Peace'

unsold in sale #1: this deserves to be better known, to be in a collection of anti-war graphics and ephemera where it can be properly appreciated - here is a second…

Lot 167

PHELPS and GORHAM Purchase. - [Jemima WILKINSON]. James PARKER.

[Finger Lakes region, New York State] A small collection of manuscript material, including a manuscript plat map

unsold in the first sale - a fascinating selectional including the almost foundational plat map. Wortha s econd look

Lot 168

AMERICAN MODERNIST Painter. - Marsden HARTLEY (1877-1943). - Ivan OPFFER (artist).

Original caricature portrait of artist Marsden Hartley

unsold in sale #1: this is one of Opffer's more important images and worth a second look

Lot 169

1913 ARMORY SHOW participant, NYC. - Samuel Wood GAYLOR (1883-1957, artist).

A small collection of five etchings (4 of female nudes), all signed, three also dated 1915 or 1916

unsold in the 1st sale - an interesting offshot from an artist who was there: worth a second look

Lot 170

WHITE MOUNTAINS, New Hampshire. - Herman Caspar von POST (1828-1913).

A pen and ink drawing of Dismal Pool (now in Crawford Notch State Park in the New Hampshire White Mountains).

unsold in the 1st sale: this attractive image deserves a second chance

Lot 171

NEW HAMPSHIRE. - Herman Caspar von POST (1828-1913).

Three pen and ink drawings of Crawford Notch, in the White Mountains region of New Hampshire

unsold in sale #1: the historical importance to the locality is obvious, so worth a second go.

Lot 172

GAME FISHING, Long Island. - Edward James MATHEWS (author, artist and architect).

[Swordfish fishing - a collection of signed limited lithographs and the publications in which they appeared]

unsold in sale #1: the Hemingway-esque enthusiams of a distinguished American architect are worth a second look

Lot 173

THE BEATLES, RINGO Starr [Sir Richard STARKEY (b.1940)] - Al HIRSCHFELD (1903-2003).

Caricature portrait of Ringo Starr

unsold in sale #1: reoffered here with a lowered estimate and reserve

Lot 174

CONNECTICUT Map, Roxbury, Washington & New Milford. – Will SIMMONS (1884-1949).

‘Judds Bridge’ [Connecticut, a dry-point etched map]

unsold in sale #1: charming and very rare - worth a second outing

Lot 175

NEWSPAPER History in the US.

Manuscript document being the draft of an agreement, Allen Township, Northampton, Pennsylvania, dated ‘2d Day of October 1775’,

unsold in sale #1 - an important document which shines a light on start of a communications netwrok which ensured news got where it was needed. Worth a second look

Lot 176

CIVIL WAR, N. Carolina & Virginia. – Col. Charles F. COLLIER. – H. B. GRIGSBY

Discourse on the Life and Character of the Hon. Littelton .. Tazewell. [+ important manuscript notes about the start of the war]

unsold in sale #1 - intriguing and worth a second look

Lot 177

[American CIRCUS] - Clyde BEATTY and Edward ANTHONY (1895-1971).

The Big Cage

unsold in sale #1: this work repays careful examination, so, worth a second look

Lot 178

[ANGLING , Fly-fishing]. - Ray BERGMAN (1891-1967).

With Fly, Plug and Bait by … Bergman. Fly plates by Dr. Edgar Burke Drawings by Ivin Sickels 2nd.

unsold in sale #1 - almost unique, so worth a second look

Lot 179

PULITZER PRIZE Winner for Music. - Ned ROREM (b. 1923).

The Paris Diary of Ned Rorem with a portrait of the diarist by Robert Phelps.

unsold in the 1st sale: an important association copy which is worth a second look

Lot 180

[L’Anthologie Negre]. - Margery Williams BIANCO (translator). - Blaise CENDARS.

The African Saga. Translated from L’Anthologie Negre by Margery Bianco with an introduction by Arthur B. Spingarn.

unsold in the first sale - n excellent copy of a stylish book: worth a second look.

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