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Lot 231

John Romeyn BRODHEAD

History of the State of new York. 2 vols. Map..

Fine leather bindings.

Lot 230

Melville D. LANDON.

[1872 Satire;American Humor; NYS] Saratoga in 1901. Illustrated with 200 Photo-Etchings by Arthur Lumley

A satirical look at the wealthy, gamblers, horse people, & the rest of them.

Lot 229


[Latin; Early Bookplate.] Hercules tuam fidem sive Munsterus hypobolimaeus.

Lot 228


John F. My Journey to Medinah: Describing a Pilgrimage to Medinah.

1881 Travels disguised as a Mohammedan

Lot 227

David FRASER; Arthur T. CLARK; Lord Charles BERESFORD

3 British Studies of conflict and culture in Asia and the Middle East

THE BREAK UP Of CHINA (1899) ; Persia and Turkey in Revolt (1910) & To Bagdad with the British (1918)

Lot 226

Hugh THOMSON, illust. ; Mary Russell MITFORD; William SHAKESPEARE; James Lane ALLEN

(Early dust jacket) 3 titles: A Kentucky Cardinal (1900); Our Village (1910); The Merry Wives of Windsor (1910)

(Early DJ) Three examples of Thomson's celebrated designs.

Lot 225

Paul Elmer MOORE; Arthur Hazard DAKIN

[Association copy.]

Lot 224

Orville HAMPTON, Arthur MARKS

[Blaxploitation Film Script; Women.] Friday Foster (film)

1975 film starring Pam Grier.

Lot 223

Harry Hamilton LAUGHLIN (1880-1943); Eugenics Record Office

Eugenics Archive-- Harry H. Laughlin & Cold Spring Harbor

20 publications, c 1913-1940, including mimeographs & inscribed material

Lot 222

e.e. cummings (contributor). - Scofield THAYER (editor).

The Dial. Jan. & Feb. 1920.

"Buffalo Bill's Defunct." e. e. cummings - almost his FIRST APPEARANCE in print & the rebirth of The Dial

Lot 221

[KOREA, Cholera; Korean Folk Art] - Rev. Frederick Scheibler MILLER (1866-1937)

[Cholera; Korean Folk Art; Missionary] Letter and drawing on mulberry paper

Extraordinarily ephemeral example of Medical folklore

Lot 220

W. H. BARTLETT (and others, artists). - John CARNE (1789-1844)

Syria, the Holy Land, Asia Minor, &C. Illustrated: In a Series of Views Drawn from Nature.

full leather binding, all plates and maps present.

Lot 219

Charles DARWIN

Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex. In Two Volumes.

First American Edition, with publisher's ad for Origin of the Species.

Lot 218

[Washington IRVING, William IRVING, James K. PAULDING, and Evert A. DUYCKINCK]

Salmagundi, or, the Whimwhams and Opinions of Launcelot Langstaff, Esq. and Others.

Lot 217

Philip DODDRIDGE (1702-1751)

[American imprint.] The Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul: Illustrated in a Course of Serious and Practical Addresses

Dedicated by Doddridge to Isaac Watts

Lot 216

John MARSHALL - Joseph YEAGER (engraver).

Atlas to Marshall's Life of Washington.

10 hand-tinted maps by Joseph Yeager

Lot 215

Marco Girolamo VIDA, Bishop of Alba (1485?-1566)

[1566 Poetry.] Marci Hieronymi Vidae Cremonensis, Albae Episcopi, Opera: Quorum Catalogum Sequens Pagella Continet

Neo -Latin Poetry; Lyon imprint, italic type

Lot 214

MEXICO, Spiritualism. - Alfonso GARCIA TELLEZ

[Mexican Artist’s Book & Ethnographic Artifact] Historia de una Vivienda para Hacer una Ofrenda al Santo Tecuil…

Mexican-Indian Folk Art manuscript & applied cut-paper designs.

Lot 213

ALDINE Press (publishers). - Decimus Magnus AUSONIUS (circa 310-395 A.D.)


1517 Aldine printing of the works of this Gallo-Roman poet and rhetorician.

Lot 212

Aisaburō AKIYAMA

[Japanese Culture.] The Gion Festival, 1918.

Inscribed by author in English and Japanese.

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