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Lot 343

Roberts, Austin (author); various editors; Norman Lighton and others (illustrators)

Birds of South Africa; Roberts Birds of South Africa; Roberts' Birds of Southern Africa (first to sixth editions, 1940-1996)

Lot 344

Scott, Walter, Sir

Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott. Seven pocket sized leather and gilt editions, with presenttion dislay box. 1876.

Lot 345

Edgar Wallace

The Mission That Failed - (King Kong author's first book, 1898)

Lot 346

Arthur H. Roskell

Six Years of a Tramp's Life in South Africa - with numerous illustrations (1886)

Lot 347

C. Lang Neil (editor)

South Africa in Peace and War (1900)

Lot 348

Harvey Goodwin

Memoir of Bishop Mackenzie

Lot 349

Wolfgang Weber

Wildlife Impressions

Lot 350

Florence M. Cronise & Henry W. Ward (editors)

Cunnie Rabbit, Mr. Spider and the other Beef - collected West African Folk Tales (1903)

Lot 351

Minnie Martin

Basutoland: Its Legends and its Customs (1903)

Lot 352

E. A. T. Dutton

The Basuto of Basutoland (Copy inscribed by the Author)

Lot 353

Sir James Comyn Macgregor 1861 - 1935 (Compiler)

Basuto Traditions (1905)

'Being a record of the traditional history of the more important of the tribes which form the Basuto nation of to-day up to the time of their being absorbed'.

Lot 354

Alexander Wilmot

The Story of the Expansion of Southern Africa (1894)

Lot 355

T. O. Honiball

Deur Die Politieke Bril. Prente Uit "Die Burger" 1942-1943 deur T. O. Honiball (1943)

Political cartoons from S.A. newspaper "Die Burger" (The Citizen) of 1943, featuring Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Field Marshall Jan Smuts.

Lot 356

Finch-Davies, C G (artist), Alan Kemp (text)

A Celebration of Birds. C G Finch-Davies's Final Album of Southern African Birds

Facsimile reproductions of 21 coloured paintings, each accompanied by page of handwritten notes, covering the period 28 March 1918 to 4 April 1920

Lot 357

Brown, Leslie, and Dean Amadon (authors); and many photographers

Eagles, Hawks and Falcons of the World (2 volumes in one)

Lot 358

Mackworth-Price, C W, and Captain C H B Grant

African Handbook of Birds. 1. Birds of Eastern and North-Eastern Africa. 2. Birds of the Southern Third of Africa. (2 volumes)

Lot 359

Clancey, P A (author and illustrator); Dennis Cleaver (photographer)

The Birds of Natal and Zululand (1964) (signed and dated by the author on the title-page)

Illustrated by 40 colour plates, a map andd 40 text figures by the author and 17 photographic plates by Dennis Cleaver

Lot 360

Schwarz, E H L

The Kalahari. Or Thirstland Redemption

I. Evidence for the drying up of South Africa. II. The cause of drying up. III. The remedy for the droughts in South Africa

Lot 361

Giddy, Cynthia (author and photographer); Barbara Jeppe (pencil drawings & diagrams)

Cycads of South Africa

Lot 362

Ian Fleming

For Your Eyes Only - (First Edition 1960)

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