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30 May 2019 16:30 GMT

Auction #75 is scheduled to start on 30 May 2019.

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Lot 41

Cameron, Ian

Mountains of the Gods

The Himalaya and the Mountains Of Central Asia

Lot 42

Alrich, Peggy & Higgins, Wesley et al

The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens-Illustrated Dictionary of Orchid Genera

Lot 43

Lord, W.B. & Baines, Thomas


[foreword by Frank R. Bradlow]

Lot 44

York, William

African Adventures and Misadventures (Signed and numberd first edition 408/1000 copies)

Escapades in East Africa with Mau Mau and Giant Forest Hogs

Lot 45

Greenfield, Joseph. C Junior

Bwana Babu. (Signed and numbered first edition 315/500 copies)

Lot 46

Kroger, Leo

My Last Kambaku (Signed and numbered first edition. 868/1000 copies)

Lot 47

Aagaard, Finn and Berit

Aagaard's African Adventures (Signed and numbered first edition. 581/1000 copies)

Lot 48

Ismail, Mohamed & Pianfetti, Alice. Thor

The Lost Wilderness. (Signed and numbered first edition. 91/1000 copies)

Tales of East Africa

Lot 49

Beebe, Channing

Cannibals and Big Game. (Signed and numbered first edition. 564/1000 copies)

True Tales of Annibals, Big-Game Hunting, and Exploration in Portuguese West Africa, 1917-1921.

Lot 50

Cameron, Mike with James Cameron

My Wanderings Through Africa. (Signed and numbered first edition. 160/1000 copies)

Lot 51

Flack, Peter. H

Tales of a Trophy Hunter in Africa. (Signed and numbered first edition. 205/1000 copies)

Lot 52

Rowter, Philip. D

The Hunting Instinct. (Signed and numbered first edition. 479/1000 copies)

Safari Chronicles on Hunting, Game Conservation, and Management in the Republic of South Africa and Namibia 1990-1998

Lot 53

Wessels, Hannes

Strange Tales From The African Bush. (Signed and numbered first edition. 190/1000 copies)

Lot 54

Marsh, Anthony. S

Fourteen Years in the African Bush. (Signed and numbered first edition. 741/ 1000 copies)

An account of a Kenyan Game Warden

Lot 55

Flack, Peter.H

Heart of an African Hunter. (Signed and numbered first edition. 427/1000 copies)

Stories of the Big Five and the Tiny Ten

Lot 56

Everett, Frederick

Heat, Thirst & Ivory. (Signed and numbered first edition. 310/1000 copies)

Elephant and Other Hunting Adventures in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Angola

Lot 57

Poignant, Roslyn

Professional Savages. Captive Lives and Western Spectacle

Lot 58

LE RIRE [satirical journal]


journal humoristique paraissant le Samedi. No. 275. 10 Fevrier 1900.  

Lot 59

LE RIRE [satirical journal]


journal humoristique paraissant le Samedi. No. 333. 23 Mars 1901

Lot 60

LE RIRE [satirical journal]


numero special publie par Le Rire: No. 315. 17 Novembre 1900; par Caran D'Ache

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