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Lot 102

Burrows, John and Sandra; and others; Abraham E van Wyk (foreword)

Figs of Southern and South-Central Africa (2003)

With contributions by Duncan Butchart (Figs, Birds and other Wildlife), Simon van Noort (Fig Wasps and the Pollination of Figs) and Geoff Nichols (Growing Figs)

Lot 103

Henning, Graham A and Stephen F. John G Joannou and Stephen E Woodhall

Living Butterflies of Southern Africa. Biology, Ecology, Conservation. Vol I. Hesperidae, Papilionidae & Pieridae (1997)

Lot 104

Rauh, Werner; Peter Temple (editor); Peter Temple & Harvey L Kendall (translators)

The Bromeliad Lexicon (1990)

Werner Rauh, with Herbert Lehmann, Julien Marnier-Lapostolle and Richard Oeser, of the Institue of Systematic Botany, University of Heidelberg, German

Lot 105

Welz, Stephan

Cape Silver & Silversmiths (1976)

The work of silversmiths at the Cape of Good Hope from the late-17th to the mid-19th century. Early problems, training, output, marking, quality. With a definitive…

Lot 106

Pearse, G E

Eighteenth Century Architecture in South Africa (1957)

Lot 107

Miles, Elza


Lot 108

Peters, Dr Carl


Being the Narrative of The German Emin Pasha Expedition Its Jouneeys and Adventures Among the Native Tribes of Eastern Equatorial Africa, The Gallas, Massais,…

Lot 109

Transvaal Provincial Government

Statutory Proclamations of the Transvaal, 1900-1902 (Revised to 31st December, 1903)

Published by Authority.

Lot 110

The Right Hon. Sir Wm. Marriott, K.C.

The War and Its Cost: Who Should Pay?

Letters from South Africa

Lot 111

Rev. Henry True

Journal and Letters of Rev. Henry True, Chaplain in Provincial Army in 1759-1762

And an account of the Battle of Concord by Capt. Amos Barrett

Lot 112

Bryce, James

Transcaucasia and Ararat

Being Notes of a Vacation Tour in the Autumn of 1876

Lot 113

Grinnell, George Bird, Kermit Roosevelt, W. Redmond Cross, & Prentiss N. Gray (eds.)

Hunting Trails on Three Continents

A Book of the Boone and Crockett Club

Lot 114

Lacy, George ("The Old Pioneer")

Pictures of Travel, Sport, and Adventure

Lot 115

Moubray, Jane & Michael

British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875

Lot 116

Fryer, Gavin and Akerman, Clive (Edited)

The Reform of the Post Office 2 Volume Set. Limited Edition 159 of 650 copies.

Lot 117

Bell, William D M


With appendix on Rifles and Shooting. Illustrated by the author.

Lot 118

Burton, Brigadier-General R. G.

A Book Of Man-Eaters

Lot 119

John Barrow

General Chart of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope

Constructed from bearings, estimation of distances & frequent observations for Latitudes in travelling thro' the Country in the Years 1797 & 1798 ...

Lot 120

Jean-Baptiste d'Après de Mannevillette

Plan du Cap de Bonne Esperance et de ses Environs [Chart of the Cpe of Good Hope and its environs]

Levé géométriquement en 1752. par Mr. de **** [Surveyed geometrically in 1752 by Mr. de ****]

Lot 121

Jacques Bellin

Kort over Fiorden Saldana eller Saldane [Chart of Saldana or Saldane Bay]

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