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Naval Medical Officer#

Photographic Album containing 71 rare photographs serving c 1890's through to c 1910- Boxer Rebellion & Russian Japanese War

Published: Privately Collected, U.K., Circa 1890-1910

Edition: Original Album

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Half bound suede and brown cloth- personal photographic album. Photographs are adhesively attached.

This album of 71 rare photographs seems to be kept by a Naval Medical Officer, serving between C 1890's through to C 1910, thus spanning the Victorian/Edwardian Era, there are some of his family. His surname is being researched currently. The photographs include many rare ones of the BOXER REBELLION, the RUSSIAN JAPANESE WAR of 1904/5, the China Station etc. All the photographs are annotated, so more detailed research has a sound base to work on. Some of the photographs illustrate his service and of his family. Brief descriptions of a selection of some of the photographs are as follows:

Featured are WEI-HAI-WEI at sea & harbour. Russian Fleet damaged, sunk and or captured. Shipmates and Sailors plus some sporting items- Hong Kong Races, Tug of War at Shanghai.

1- Photograph of individually named family members of the "Royal" family.(His family group). 12 X 9.75cm.

2- Excellent upper deck photograph of H.M.Brig NAUTILIUS, launched 1879, 8 gun training ship sold off 1905. 6 X 8.5cm.

3- 2 x Group photographs of South Western Naval Hospital Staff.(R.N.H. HASLAR) 1753-2007/ Closed for good 2009. 10.5 X 4.5cm.

4- 2x photographs of the Harbour at WEI-HAI-WEI on the north east coast of China, known by the Royal Navy as The China Station (leased 1898-1930), photographs of the Fleet at Anchor. Port Edward main Anchorage. 14 x 10cm.

5- Photograph of H.M.I.S KOREETZ, Russian Transport sunk at CHEMULPO . Part of the Russia Fleet.Took part in the Boxer Rebellion with 9 KIA and 20 wounded. 14 X 10cm.

6 -Rare photograph of Chinese Naval Officers executing Boxer Rebellion "Pirates".14.25 X 10cm

7- Detailed photograph of H.I.M.S TSAREVITCH at Tsingtau pre-dreadnought of the Imperial Russian Navy, launched 1901 based at Port Arthur, torpedoed at the battle of the YELLOW SEA, interred in Tsingtau. Flagship of Rear Admiral Vitgeft, KIA. 14 X 10cm

8- Photograph of badly damaged Russian Destroyer "RESHITELNYI" captured at Chefoo 10th August 1904. Renamed AKATSUKI in 1905, she participated in the Battle of TSUSHIMA where she collided with a Japanese torpedo boat which sank, she was renamed YAMABIKO in 1906 and decomissioned in 1917. 14 X 10cm.

9- H.M.I.S ASKOLD, Cruiser interned in Shanghai,1904, ship of the Russian Pacific Fleet. This vessell had five thin funnels which gave it a unique silhouette for any vessel in the Imperial Russsian Navy. This led British sailors to nickname her "packet of woodbines" after the thin cigarettes popular at the time. 14 X 10cm

10-Photograph of British, China Station Fleet at Anchor WEI-HAI-WEI, including Light Cruisers, Destroyers and Gunboats.14 X 10cm

11- 3x Photographs of H.M.S CENTURION at Shanghai during the Boxer Rebellion, flagship of the China Station Fleet. Present at the TAKU forts battle. 11.5 X 9cm.

12-  2x Photographs of H.M.S. ARROGANT cruiser on the China Station 1900-06. Photograph taken 1910 at Quebec. Served in the Home Fleet, Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets. 14.5 X 8cm.

13-Wardroom of H.M.S. ARROGANT. Visit of King Manuel II of Portugal- Lisbon. 13 X 8cm.

14-3 Photographs of crew of H.H.S. VENUS Light Cruiser on the China Station. 9.5 X 8cm.

15- H.M.S ARROGANT at Quebec with the Prince of Wales.Fleet at the Canadian Fleet, Naval Review 9th-12th June 1910, 21 Naval Ships and 8,000 Sailors. 14 X 8.5cm.

16- Fleet at Spithead Review 1910 13.5 X 6.5cm

17- H.M King & Czar of Russia on the Fore-Bridge Royal Yacht at Spithead 1910. 12.5 X

18-2x Photographs at Happy Valley, Hong Kong c early 2Oth Century.

19 -Photograph at Rangoon, Burma (Myanmar). 13.5 X 8cm.

20- 3x Photographs. Types of British Sailor.

Each of the photographs is annotated with inked detail, the spine to the album has been reinforced.

SOURCE: Peter Sharman- Military & Local Historian

  • Jacket Condition: Boards-Very Good
  • Binding Condition: Very Good ( Reinforced)
  • Overall Condition: Very Good
  • Size: 25 X 20cm
  • Sold By: Quathlamba Books
  • Contact Person: Ian & Yvonne Halford
  • Country: United Kingdom
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  • Telephone: 07804477817
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