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Classic Arms Books

Classic Arms Books Ken Czech

2665 32nd Street SE St. Cloud, MN 56304

United States


Ken is the author of annotated bibiographies of books related to hunting in Africa and Asia, as well as other sporting titles. He has been active in the antiquarian book trade since 1988. See his website for his critically acclaimed historical novels about the quest of Sam and Florence Baker for the source of the Nile, and the massacre of the English garrison in Afghanistan in 1841-42.

Lots in auction #79

Lot 45

Radclyffe, Captain C. R. E.

Big Game Shooting In Alaska

Lot 46

Curtis, Charles P., Jr. and Richard C. Curtis

Hunting In Africa East And West

Lot 47

Chalmers, Patrick R.

H.R.H. The Prince Of Wales Sport And Travel In East Africa (in dust jacket)

Lot 48

Mosse, Captain A. H. E.

My Somali Book

Lot 112

Bryce, James

Transcaucasia and Ararat

Lot 113

Grinnell, George Bird, Kermit Roosevelt, W. Redmond Cross, & Prentiss N. Gray (eds.)

Hunting Trails on Three Continents

Lot 114

Lacy, George ("The Old Pioneer")

Pictures of Travel, Sport, and Adventure

Lot 118

Burton, Brigadier-General R. G.

A Book Of Man-Eaters

Lot 143

Blunt, Commander David Enderby


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