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Hemingways Books

Hemingways Books Noel Hunt

P.O. Box 1198, Hermanus, 7200

South Africa

[email protected]


Independent bookshop Hemingways celebrated its 20th birthday recently. The bold green and red exterior still draws people magically, as do the owners Beth and Noel Hunt who seem to embody the creative spirit of Bloomsbury. Visitors have included authors Ian Rankin, Niki Daly and Rudie van Rensburg, chanteuse Danièle Pascal, singer and songwriter Nataniël, premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille and many other worthies. Nataniël, on entering Hemingways, stopped in his tracks and announced dramatically, "This is where I want to live!" Hemingways has been mentioned in the New York Times, Louis Vuitton's Cape Town Travel Guide and Lonely Planet Travel Guide. It also makes a guest appearance in author Rudie van Rensburg's book Judaskus. Hemingways is frequently compared with the legendary Shakespeare and Company in Paris. It developed independently though, as a result of Beth and Noel's shared passion for books. This love is shared by their assistants. Afrikaans literati can chat to Hemingways assistant Veronicka, who knew various members of the Sestigers literary movement, and shared a house with Jan Rabie's artist wife, Marjorie Wallace. So, Hemingways is a place with a heart. People continuously drop in, and sometimes it is sometimes simply to read, and not to buy one of its fine books. Because who would turn an out of pocket bookworm away. Rhetorical question.

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