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Roger Stewart Antiquarian

Roger Stewart Antiquarian Dr. Roger Stewart

32 Mashie Street Lakeside Cape Town 7945

South Africa


Roger Stewart deals in, appraises and restores antique maps, prints and books. 

Roger also conducts private research projects and undertakes preparation, printing and binding of monographs.

He had published more than 30 articles on antique maps and history of the Cape of Good Hope. A collection of his essays on stories from maps of the Cape of Good Hope have been published by Historical Media as Cape Odyssey #107.

Lots in auction #80

Lot 3

Abraham Ortelius

Africae tabula nova

Lot 294

Sherwin sculp

Habits of the Hottentot men and women & Perspective view of the Cape of Good Hope

Lot 295

Henri Chatelain

Coutumes Moeurs & Habillemens des Peuples Qui Habitent aux Environs du Cap de Bonne Esperance

Lot 297

John Barrow (author)

Algoa Bay on the S.E. Coast of Africa

Lot 298

John Speed

Africae described

Lot 300

Johannes Baptista Homann

Totius Africae Nova Representatio qua praeter diversos [New representation of the whole of Africa, but different]

Lot 301

R & J Ottens

Occidentalior Tractus Indiarum Orientalium ['The western extension of the East Indies', i.e. the Indian ocean]

Lot 302

John Tallis

Cape Colony

Lot 307

Jean Baptiste d'Apres de Mannevillette

Vue de la Baye de False / Vue de la Rade de Simons-Baye.

Lot 308

Field Intelligence Department


Lot 309

Guillaume Delisle

Carte du Congo et du Pays de Cafres

Lot 310

Willem Blaeu

Aethiopia inferior vel exterior

Lot 311

Jean Baptiste d' Anville

Untitled map of Southern Africa

Lot 312

Eberhard von Koenen

Heil - und Giftpflanzen in Südwestafrika

Lot 313

Graham Viney & Philida Brooke Simons

The Cape of Good Hope 1806 - 1872

Lot 314

Basil Le Cordeur; Christopher Saunders

The war of the axe 1847

Lot 315

Vernon S Forbes & John Rourke

Paterson's Cape Travels 1777 to 1779

Lot 316

Anna H Smith

Cape Views and Costumes Water-colours by H.C. de Meillon

Lot 317

George Thompson

Travels and Adventures in Southern Africa

Lot 318

British South African Company

The British South African Company - Maps

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