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Lot 11

Louw (Martin), Bouwer (Stefaan)


Lot 17


The Little Jacaranda Tree

Lot 18


Johannes Meintjes - Artist, Author, Historian, 1923-1980 : Homage Exhibition Rand Afrikaans University, 7-6-90 - 6-7-90

Lot 19

Cecil Skotnes

Cecil Skotnes Espresso Set

Lot 20

Achmat Davids

The Mosques of Bo-Kaap. A Social History of Islam at the Cape

Lot 22

Jillian Carman, Sheree Lissoos, Nessa Liebhammer, Khwezi Gule etc

One Hundred Years of Collecting - The Johannesburg Art Gallery

Lot 23


Lot of FIVE Africana books

Lot 25


Homage to Irma Stern 1894 - 1966. Catalogue Published 1968

Lot 26

Screiner, Olive (Ralph Iron)

The Story of an African Farm

Lot 27

Wilmot, A

History of the Zulu War

Lot 31

Lomax, A & Meintjes, J (SIGNED LIMITED EDITION, EX LIBRIS Johannes Meintjes)

Portrait of a South African Village by A Lomax. Molteno 1894-1909

Lot 32

Oberholster, J.A.S.

'n Eeu van Gods Genade - DORDRECHT 1857 - 1957 & Centenary Brochure

Lot 33

Griffin, Margaret


Lot 34

Oberholzer, Obie

Cool Dude, Hotazel (Signed and Numbered Handprint)

Lot 35

Oberholzer, Obie

The Hotazel Years (SIGNED)

Lot 37

Oberholzer, Obie

Photo Demonstration, Art Department (Signed and Numbered handprint)

Lot 39

Oberholzer, Obie

Solitaire. Namibia (Signed and Numbered Handprint)

Lot 43

Difford, Ivor + Donaldson, K.C.

The History of South African Rugby Football 1875-1932 & The South African Sporting Encyclopaedia and Who's Who

Lot 45

Fransen, Hans

Old Towns and Villages of the Cape

Lot 55

Simon A. de Villiers

Otto Landsberg 1803-1905

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