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Lot 1

De Neuville (Alphonse) Artist

Two Fine Oleographs Depicting Famous Zulu War Scenes (1881)

Lot 2

Duff (George) Artist

An Exquisite Group of Twelve Watercolour Studies

Lot 6

Stevens, H. Lynn

The autobiography of a border policeman

Lot 8

Chapman, James

Travels in the interior of South Africa, 1849-1863

Lot 10

Dimbleby, S.N.

The Boers and the War from the impartial foreigners' point of view

Lot 11

Methuen, A.M.S.

The tragedy of South Africa

Lot 12

Bron, Alice

Diary of a nurse in South Africa

Lot 15

Guest, H.M.

Boer War episodes

Lot 16

Brooke-Hunt, Violet

A woman's memories of the war

Lot 17


The Transvaal Boers

Lot 18

Robertson, J.M.

Wrecking the empire

Lot 19

Grierson,Lieutenant-Colonel James Moncrieff


Lot 21

Midgley,John F

PETTICOAT IN MAFEKING.The Siege Letters of Ada Cock

Lot 28

Richard R. Currie Ltd.

Africana: Catalogue of sale of books, pictures and maps, many very scarce and rare

Lot 29

Richard R. Currie Ltd

Africana: catalogue of sale of rare volumes, coins, medals, pictures, maps & stamps, etc.

Lot 30

J.J. Hofmeyr & Son

Catalogue of a few small private collections of English, Afrikaans, Dutch, French and German. Africana

Lot 31

Frank Thorold

Adam Grant. Africana Expert. List #1- #3

Lot 32

Johnston, H H

The Kilima-Njaro Expedition

Lot 33


Across Africa, 2 Vols

Lot 35


Life on the Congo

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