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SA Auction #3 Results

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Lot 38


A Woman\'s Trek from the Cape to Cairo (Inscribed)

Lot 39


Fighting the Slave Hunters in Central Africa

Lot 45


Primitive Pottery

Lot 46


Sudan Sand

Lot 47

General R de Wet

Trois ans de guerre

Lot 51

Gibson, Alan G. S.

Between Cape Town and Loanda - A Record of Two Journeys in South West Africa

Lot 52

Collins, Anthony

A Discourse of Free-thinking Occasioned by the Rise and Growth of a Sect call'd Free-Thinkers

Lot 56

Cavling, Henrik


Lot 63

Holub, Emil

Seven Years in South Africa Travels, Researches, and Hunting Adventures, Between the Diamond-Fields and the Zambesi

Lot 64

Solymos, B. (B.E. Falkonberg)

Desert Life. Recollections of An Expedition in the Soudan

Lot 65

Wollaston, A. F. R.

From Ruwenzori to the Congo - A Naturalist's Journey Across Africa

Lot 66

Fleming, Rev. Francis

Kaffraria, and its inhabitants.

Lot 67

Fleming, Rev. Francis

Southern Africa. A Geography and Natural History

Lot 68

Lowndes, E.E.K.

Every-Day Life in South Africa (Second Edition)

Lot 75

Churchill, Lord Randolph S.

Men, Mines and Animals in South Africa

Lot 79

Cartwright, A.P.

The Gold Miners

Lot 89

Prior, Melton

Campaigns of a War Correspondent (Second Impression)

Lot 90

Meintjes, Johannes

De La Rey - Lion of the West

Lot 92

Norris-Newman, Charles L.

With the Boers in the Transvaal and Orange Free State in 1880-1 (Second Edition)

Lot 93

Van Oordt, J. F.

Paul Kruger en de Opkomst der Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek

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