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Lot 125

Gordon Lindsay Maclean; Gail Darroll

Ducks of Sub-Saharan Africa

Lot 155

[Transvaal Museum]

Claude Gibney Finch-Davies 1875-1920. Portfolio of 12 bird plates for framing

Observer, student and highly skilled illustrator of South African birds

Lot 164

Finch-Davies, Claude Gibney (artist), Alan Kemp and others (text)

The Birds of Southern Africa

Paintings by C G Finch-Davies

Lot 223

Kemp, Dr. Alan (Text) + Finch-Davies, Claude Gibney (Illustrations)

The Birds of Prey of Southern Africa

Lot 230

Skead, C.J. (Editor)

The Canaries, Seedeaters and Buntings of Southern Africa

Lot 344

Bird, A V (editor), and C S Barlow

The Paintings of Norman Lighton for Roberts Birds of South Africa (fine copy of standard edition)

Plates from the original paintings by Norman C K Lighton

Lot 409



6 Volumes.

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