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US Auction #2 - Fine Bindings

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Lot 28

BINDING. - James DODSLEY (1724-1797, publisher).

A Collection of Poems in Six Volumes by Several Hands.

a beautiful set in a contemporary binding

Lot 30

American BINDING. - William SHAKESPEARE.

The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare ... corrections and illustrations of Dr. Johnson ... and others, revised by Isaac Reed.

Lot 31

BINDINGS. – George COLMAN, the elder (1732-1794).

The Dramatick Works

Lot 32

BINDINGS. - [Thomas MOORE, William Cusack SMITH and others (contributors)].

Anthologia Hibernica: or Monthly Collections of Science, Belles-Lettres, and History. Illustrated with beautiful engravings.

very fine set

Lot 33

BINDINGS. - Jane AUSTEN (1775-1817).

The Novels of Jane Austen [Winchester Edition.]

fine set from the shop of Joseph William Zaehnsdorf (1853-1930), bound for the American market

Lot 34


The Plays of William Shakespeare.

large paper issue - very rare

Lot 36

Methodism, John WESLEY. – John William FLETCHER (1729-1785).

The Works of the Rev. John Fletcher … Second American Edition.

a fine set of works by the "Holiest Man I've Ever Known" (John Wesley)

Lot 112

BINDING, Embroidered cloth with the Portuguese Royal Arms.

[Portuguese Almanack]. Diario Ecclesiastico para o Reino de Portugal Principalmente para a Cidade de Lisboa, para o Anno de 1816.

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