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Lot 2

Edmond Carton de Wiart; M. Eugene Etienne

Les grandes Compagnies Coloniales Anglaises du XIXe siecle (1899)

British North Borneo Company, The Royal Niger Company, The Imperial British East Africa Company (IBEAC) and The British South Africa Company (BSAC), a British public…

Lot 4

G. H. Perry & Co, Fine Art Publishers

Glimpses of Natal South Africa's Garden Province - African Durban Scenes

The album has 12 tipped-in colour plates/postcards - these show facsimile reproductions in colour from original paintings by A. Grieve, E. Tatlow, Val Gillette, etc.

Lot 6

Paul Roussier

Documents sur les relations entre la France et le royaume de Ouaire à la côte d'Afrique (1784-1787)

Documents on the relations between France and the Kingdom of Ouaire (Oware, Owere) from the West Coast of Africa (1784-1787), the lesser-known lost African kingdom.…

Lot 8



Lot 17

William Burroughs

The Naked Lunch

Lot 24

Butler,Captain H.

South African Sketches: Illustrative of The Wild Life of a Hunter on the Frontier of Cape Colony.

Lot 27

Dixie, Lady Florence

In The Land of Misfortune

Lot 28

Distant, W.L

A Naturalist in the Transvaal

Lot 30

Rose, Cowper

Four Years in Southern Africa

Lot 31

Long,Una (Edited)

The Journals of Elizabeth Lees Price, written in Bechuanaland, Southern Africa 1854-1883.

With an Epilogue 1889 and 1900. Edited with Introduction, annotations etc, by Una Long.

Lot 32

Prichard, Helen.M

Friends and Foes in The Transkei

An Englishwoman's Experiences During the Cape Frontier War of 1877-8

Lot 35

Goode, Chas.

The Cape Town Directory for 1865. With which is published(written expressly for this work) The Prize Essay Etc.

The Cape Town Directory for 1865

Lot 36


History of Phoenicia

Lot 37

ALPINUS, Prosperus (1553-1617)

De Praesagienda Vita et Morte Aegrotantium Libri Septem....

Lot 43

[BROWN, Thomas] (of Shifnal, 1663-1704)

The Weesils. A Satyrical Fable

Giving an Account of some Argumental Passages happening in the Lion’s Court about Weesilion’s taking the Oath.

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