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Lot 31

Stammers, Michael. K

The Passage Makers

Lot 34

Karabell, Zachary

Parting The Desert - The Creation of the Suez Canal

Lot 36

Byles, John

Diary of a Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope in 1858 (Inscribed to author's sister)

Lot 38

[Roppe (L.), Rock (P.) & Jonckheere (K.)]


Signed & Dated & Original drawing on title page

Lot 40

Baines, the late Thomas; H Hall (editor); unknown (preface); H Rawlinson (obituary)

The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa (1877)

Accompanied by a biographical sketch of the author and a large folding map

Lot 42

Frieda Harmsen


Lot 44

Tyrrell, Barbara (author and illustrator); and others

Barbara Tyrrell trio

Lot 45

Breytenbach, J H, (Staatshistorikus [State Historian])

Die Geskiedenis van die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog in Suid-Africa, 1899 -1902 (2 volumes [of 5], 1969-1971)

Deel I. Die Boere-Offensief, Okt.-Nov. 1899. Deel II. Die Eerste Britse Offensief, Nov.-Des. 1899

Lot 46


Medical Registers: 1. Orange River Colony (1904); 2. Colony of the Cape of Good Hope (1907); 3. Union of South Africa (1933)

Published under the Direction of: 1. The Medical and Pharmacy Council of the Orange River Colony. 2. The Colonial Medical Council and the Colonial Pharmacy Board of…

Lot 49

Defence Headquarters, Pretoria

Union Military Discipline Code, Regulations, and Orders and Instructions (1913)

Lot 53

Molsbergen, Dr E C Godee

Stichter van Hollands Zuid-Afrika Jan van Riebeeck 1618-1677 (1912)

Lot 54

Mossop, George

Running the Gauntlet (two copies: first edition,1935, and 1990 reprint)

Some Recollections of Adventure

Lot 55

Not stated

Cape Town Foreshore Plan. Final Plan (1948)

Lot 56


Women of South Africa (1913)

A historical, biographical and educational encyclopaedia and social directory of the women of our country

Lot 59

Puyfontaine, Huguette Roy de

Louis Michell Thibault 1750-1815 (1972)

His official life at the Cape of Good Hope

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