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Lot 84

Bourke, Myles (text) + Bailey, Stella (illustrations)

Badoli the Ox (Signed limited edition)

Lot 85

Henning, C.G.

Graaff-Reinet - A Cultural History 1786 - 1886

Lot 86

Stiff, Peter

Selous Scouts - A Pictorial Account

Lot 87

Rosenthal, Eric


Lot 91

Bryce, James

Transcaucasia and Ararat

Lot 92

Meiring, Piet

Dynamite and Daisies - The Story Of Barberton

Lot 94

Newbolt, H.

The Book of the Long Trail

Lot 97

Morel, Edmund D.

Affairs of West Africa

Lot 103

Bokhorst, Matthys and Heather Martienssen

Twentieth Century South African Art (English and Afrikaans plus summaries in French and German; 1966)

Lot 105

Gibran, Kahlil

Kahlil Gibran Collection (18 vols; 1949-1974)

Lot 106

Jackson, Alfred de Jager

Manna in the Desert - A Revelation of the Great Karoo

Lot 107

Hutchinson, Mrs.

In Tents in the Transvaal

Lot 109

Munnik, Senator G.G.

Kronieke van Noordelike Transvaal

Lot 111

Fairbridge, Dorothea

Historic Farms of South Africa - The Wool, the Wheat, and the Wine of the 17th and 18th Centuries

Lot 112


Boer War Regimental \'Sweetheart\' Tapestry

Lot 113

unknown POW

Pair of Boer Prisoner of War Carved Boots - Inkwell and Brass Ashtray

Lot 114

unknown POW

Boer Prisoner of War Ornamental Ivory and Brass Paperweight

Lot 115

Van Der Hoven, B. - POW

Boer Prisoner of War Wooden Napkin Ring

Lot 116

unknown POW

Boer Prisoner of War Smoker\'s Pipe, engraved

Lot 117

unknown POW

Boer Prisoner of War Paper Knife - Ceylon

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