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Lot 303

Barnes (R. Gorell, Hon.).

Babes in The African Wood.

Lot 307

Baxter (E.H.).

From Shikar & Safari. A Big Game Anthology.

Lot 310

[Hutchings (Anne) et al, Compilers]


Lot 314

Sauer, Hans

Ex Africa (1937)

Lot 315

Watt, John Mitchell and Maria Gerdina Breyer-Brandwijk

The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Southern Africa . . . (1932)

Lot 316

Lloyd, A W

Jambo or with Jannie in the Jungle . . . (about 1917)

Lot 317

Hobson, N K and others

Veld Plants of Southern Africa (1975)

Lot 319

Dennis Edwards & Co. (publishers)

The Anglo-Boer War, October 11th, 1899-May 31st, 1902. An Album of upwards of Five Hundred Photographic Engravings

Lot 320

Andriessen, W. F. (preface)

Gedenkboek van den Oorlog in Zuid-Afrika. Met afbeeldingen en portretten, benevens Kaart van Zuid-Afrika

Lot 321

Blake, Colonel J. Y. F.

A West Pointer with the Boers

Lot 324

Cuthbert, Captain J. H. (editor)

The 1st Battalion Scots Guards in South Africa 1899-1902

Lot 326

Fellows, George, and Benson Freeman

Historical Records of the South Nottinghamshire Hussars Yeomanry 1794 to 1924

Lot 328

Gregorowski, Reinhold (compiler)

\'Land & War Questions\'

Lot 329

Gretton, Lieutenant-Colonel G. le M.

The Campaigns and History of the Royal Irish Regiment From 1684 to 1902

Lot 330

Hall, Sir John

The Coldstream Guards 1885-1914

Lot 331

Howe, Countess [Georgiana Elizabeth] (editor)

The Imperial Yeomanry Hospitals in South Africa 1900-1902

Lot 332

Kürschner, Joseph

Die Buren und der Südafrikanische Krieg.

Eine Darstellung Südafrikas, des Charakters und Lebens der Buren, der Geschichte ihrer Republiken und deren Kämpfe mit England bis zum Friedensschluss

Lot 333

Küttner, H.

Unter dem Deutschen Roten Kreuz im Südafrikanischen Kriege

Lot 335

Robinson, C. N. (editor)

The Transvaal War Album. The British Forces in South Africa

Lot 336

Russell, Col. A. F.

Cavalry Doctor. Letters Written from the Field, 1900-1901, During the Anglo-Boer War

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