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Lot 65

Barry E. O'Meara

Napoleon in Exile; A Voice from St. Helena.

The opinions and reflections of Napoleon on the most important events of his life and Government in his own words.

Lot 119

Trotsky, Leon; translated from the Russian by Max Eastman

The History of the Russian Revolution (first one-volume edition, 1934)

The Overthrow of Czarism; The Attempted Counter-Revolution; The Triumph of the Soviets. Including a note about the author by the translator

Lot 178

Webb, C de B, and J B Wright (editors and translators)

The James Stuart Archive of Recorded Oral Evidence Relating to the History of the Zulu and Neighbouring Peoples (3 vols, 1976-82)

Lot 336

Isherwood, Christopher (1), and William L Shirer (2) and (3)

Berlin in the 1930s: (1) Goodbye to Berlin (1977). (2) Berlin Diary (1943). (3) End of Berlin Diary (1947)

(1) With drawings by George Grosz.;(2) The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent 1934-1941. Part I. Prelude to War. Part II. The War; and (3) Part I. Beginning of the…

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