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Lot 45

BRITISH NORTH BORNEO Co. - William Burgess PRYER, Frank HATTON & L. S. von DONOP.

[Five works] in five volumes.

collection of rare pamphlets issued by the British North Borneo Co., about what is now Sabah, part of Malaysia

Lot 47

PACIFIC & North-West Passage. - Nathaniel PORTLOCK & George DIXON .

An Abridgement of Portlock and Dixon's Voyage Round the World, performed in the years 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788.

Ex-lot 37 from the first sale: this very nice copy of quite a rare book is here offered again with a slightly lower reserve.

Lot 50

[Ortensio LANDO, compilor].

Lettere Di Molte Valorose Donne, Nelle Quali Chiaramente Appare Non Esser Ne Di Eloquentia Ne Di Dottrina Alli Huomini Inferiori

Lot 65

1st AMERICAN EDITION. - JUNIUS (pseudonym).

The Letters of Junius. Complete in one volume, with a copious index. The first American Edition.

ex-lot 67 in the first sale - a very nice copy worthy of consideration

Lot 76

THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE INC. - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

[Twin Towers] “Looking South from 13th Street, 10.10 AM 8.IV.91” original artwork for The New Yorker Magazine Inc.

Lot 79

Dr. MARTIN LUTHER KING, Jr (1929-1968) - Robert Andrew PARKER (artist, b. 1927).

Portrait of Martin Luther King, original artwork for The New York Times

Lot 86

TREES, LEWES Castle, etc.. – Henry William BURGESS, of 134 Sloane Street, Chelsea.)

A sketch book containing penciled sketches by an unknown hand, of trees, castles, etc., a few with identifiers and dates.

Lot 88

Ralph STEADMAN (b. 1936)

[Original signed caricature portrait of Art Historian and Broadcaster Kenneth Clark, Lord Clark]

coruscating caricature of “one of the most influential figures in British art of the twentieth century” (wikipedia) - previously owned by Auberon Waugh.

Lot 100

[Isaac] Robert CRUIKSHANK (1789-1856).

[Ostrich Racing], an original illustration

Lot 105

MATHEMATICIAN'S portrait. - [Bernhard JOBIN (d.1597, artist).]

[Stephan BRECHTEL (1523-1574)]. Effigies D. Stephani Brechtelii ... qui anno Christi MCLXXIIII ... ex hac vita excessit

a very rare memorial broadside: one othet copy recorded.

Lot 106

Edward RUTLEDGE (signer of the Declaration of Independence). – PHOENIX ASSURANCE Co.

Certificate of Insurance for Hon. Edward Rutledge's "Dwelling House only situate on the West side of Broad Street Charleston"

ex-first US sale: an attractive and intriguing piece. Overlooked? just in case, it is here re-offered with a lower reserve.

Lot 107

PARLIAMENT, Great Britain. - WHALING, the Northern Seas.

A Collection of 21 Acts of Parliament regulating or related to whaling, most limited to whaling in the Northern hemisphere.

Lot 110

[Sometimes attributed to Thomas WILSON (1774-1854), dancing master].

Analysis of the London Ball-room : in which Is comprised, the History ... , interspersed with Characteristic Observations

uncut in the original boards

Lot 112

BINDING, Embroidered cloth with the Portuguese Royal Arms.

[Portuguese Almanack]. Diario Ecclesiastico para o Reino de Portugal Principalmente para a Cidade de Lisboa, para o Anno de 1816.

Lot 122

WOMEN in business. – J. ELLIOTT (collector of Excise) & Thos. SPOONER (supervisor).

An original letterpress and manuscript ‘Tea License’ ‘No. 129 No. 8’, dated 9th September 1814

an annual license to trade in tea, coffee and chocolate

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