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SA Auction #10 Results

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Lot 1

Timlin (William)


Lot 2

Roosevelt (Theodore)

African Game Trails (Presentation Copy)

Lot 3

Powell-Cotton (P H G )

A Sporting Trip Through Abyssinia

Lot 4

Lyell (Denis D.)

The Hunting and Spoor of Central African Game

Lot 6

White (Stewart Edward)

African Camp Fires (with dust wrapper)

Lot 8

Cranworth (Lord)

Profit and Sport in British East Africa

Lot 9

Barns (T. Alexander)

Wonderland of the Eastern Congo (with Wingate\'s Bookplate)

Lot 10

Mosse (A.H.E.)

My Somali Book

Lot 11

Thomson (Joseph)

Through Masai Land

Lot 14

Dracopoli (I.N.)

Through Jubaland

Lot 15

Stevenson-Hamilton (J.)

Animal Life in Africa

Lot 16

Berkeley (Comyns)

On Safari (Signed)

Lot 17

Moore (J.E.S.)

To the Mountains of the Moon

Lot 19

Schillings (C.G.)

In Wildest Africa

Lot 21

Buxton (Edward North)

Two African Trips (Presentation Copy)

Lot 22

Wolverton (Lord)

Sport in Somaliland

Lot 28

Patterson (J.H.)

The Man Eaters of Tsavo

Lot 29

Patterson (J.H.)

In the Grip of the Nyika

Lot 31

Cumming (R.G.)

Five Years Adventures in the Far Interior of South Africa.

Lot 37

Lewis Williams, David and Thomas Dowson

Images of Power. Understanding Bushman Rock Art (1989)

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