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Lot 19


The History of the Transvaal Horse Artillery

Lot 51

Piet Nortje

32 Battalion. The Inside Story of South Africa's Elite Fighting Unit

Lot 54

Victor Neuberg

Gone For a Soldier-A History of Life in the British Ranks from 1642,

Lot 57 Souza

No Charge for Delivery. Some Telegrams from the Anglo-Boer War

Lot 124

Uys, Ian

Bushman Soldiers - Their Alpha and Omega

Lot 125

Breytenbach, Col. Jan

They Live by the Sword

Lot 171

Barlow, Eben

Executive Outcomes - Against all Odds

Lot 173

Heitman, Helmoed-Romer

War in Angola - The Final South African Phase (Signed copy)

Lot 296

Slaten Pasha(Colonel Sir R.), Windgate (Lieut.-Col. Sir F.R.)


Lot 322

Breytenbach, Colonel Jan

Eagle strike!

The controversial airborne assault on Cassinga, 04 May 1978

Lot 380

Hattersley, Alan F.

Carbineer. The history of the Royal Natal Carbineers (ASSOCIATION COPY)

Lot 382

Hall, Richard T.

Prince Alfred's Guard; Its History. With Notes Relating to the Volunteer Movement in Port Elizabeth

Lot 392

Carruthers, Jane

Melton Prior, War Artist in Southern Africa 1895 to 1900

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