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Botanical - Auction #30 Results

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Lot 117

Jackson, W.P.U.

Wild Flowers of Table Mountain

Lot 120

Scott, Charles, L.

The Genus Haworthia

Lot 123

White, Alain + Sloane, Boyd L.

The Stapelieae

Lot 149

Pearse, R.O.

Mountain Splendour - Wild Flowers of the Natal Drakensberg

Lot 150

Schwantes, Dr. G.

Flowering Stones and Mid-Day Flowers

Lot 151

Marloth, Rudolph

The Flora of South Africa (with legendary Fig. 59)

Lot 244

Text: J Stewart Illustrations: E.F. Hennessy

ORCHIDS OF AFRICA A select review

Lot 313

Schumann, Dolf + Kirsten, Gerhard with Oliver, E.G.H.

Ericas of South Africa

Lot 318

Van der Walt, J.J.A. + Vorster, P.J. - Illustrated by Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst

Pelargoniums of Southern Africa (3 vol. set) Signed

Lot 445

Smith, Alan Huw. Photographs by Dick Scott and Hans van Dyk

The Brenthurst Gardens (signed by Bridget and Harry Oppenheimer)

Lot 486

Marloth, Rudolph

The Flora of South Africa - 17 loose plates

Lot 489

Graham Williamson


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