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Lot 36

Boyd Robert Horsbrugh

The Facsimile reprint of The Gamebirds and Waterfowl of South Africa

Lot 42

G.G.Finch-Davies and Dr.A.C.Kemp

The Birds of Prey of Southern Africa-Standard Subscriber's Edition No 961

Lot 110

Liversidge, Richard; Jill Adams and Norman Lighton illustrators

The Birds Around Us . . . (signed by author)

Lot 112

Liversidge, Richard; Jill Adams and Norman Lighton illustrator

The Birds Around Us . . . (unnumbered cloth copy)

Lot 139

Clifford B Frith; Bruce M Beehler

The Birds of Paradise: Paradisaeidae

Lot 140

C Hillary Fry; Kathie Fry; Alan Harris

Kingfishers Bee-Eaters and Rollers

Lot 141

Martin Woodcock

The Hornbills: Bucerotiformes

Lot 142

Claus Koning; Friedhelm Weick; Jan-Hendrick Becking

Owls a Guide to the Owls of the World

Lot 146

Leslie Brown & Dean Amadon

Eagles, Hawks and Falcons of the World

Lot 147

Tony Jupiter & Mike Parr

Parrots : A Guide to the Parrots of the World

Lot 241

Clancey (Phillip A.)


Lot 350

P. Mundy, D. Butchart, J. Ledger & S. Piper

The Vultures of Africa

Lot 365

Horsbrugh, Major Boyd Robert


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