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Lot 125

Haldane,Captain Aylmer.

How We Escaped From Pretoria

Lot 130

Burman, Jose

Strange Shipwrecks of the Southern Seas

Lot 133

Murray, Marischal (Limited Edition)

Under Lion\'s Head - Earlier Days in Green Point and Sea Point

Lot 135


The River Congo.The Discovery, Exploration and Exploitation of the World\'s most dramatic River

Lot 137


The Royal Wedding - 3 Official Programmes

Lot 142

Galloway, Alexander

The Skeletal Remains of Bambandyanalo

Lot 144

Lowther, Lieut.-Colonel H.C.

From Pillar to Post

Lot 148


Frontier Flames

Lot 155

Bryce, James (5 books in lot)

Impressions of South Africa + 4 other titles

Lot 156

Axelson, Eric

Portugal and the Scramble for Africa 1875-1891

Lot 157

Regan, William Frederick

Boer and Uitlander - The True History of the Late Events in South Africa

Lot 159

Hobson, N.K. + Jessop, J.P.,

Veld Plants of Southern Africa

Lot 160


Eyewitness in Zululand

Lot 163

Fransen, Hans

Architectural Beauty of the old Cape as seen by Arthur Elliott

Lot 165


\"A Widow-Making War\"

Lot 166

Reid,Brian ,A

Our Little Army in the Field

Lot 168


The Boer War

Lot 171

Hobson, J.A.

The War in South Africa - Its Causes and Effects

Lot 172

Selous, Frederick Courteney

Travel and Adventure in South-East Africa

Lot 173

Uys, Ian S.

For Valour - The History of Southern Africa\'s Victoria Cross Heroes

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