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Lot 303

Arthur, Sir George

Life of Lord Kitchener (3 vols)

Lot 304

Wheeler, Harold F.B. / Magnus, Philip

The Story of Lord Kitchener / Kitchener: Portrait of an Imperialist

Lot 305

Hales, A. G.

Campaign Pictures of the War in South Africa (1899-1900): Letters from the Front

Lot 306

Mahan, Captain A. T.

The Story of the War in South Africa 1899 - 1900

Lot 308

Farrelly, M. J. / Steevens, G. W.

The Settlement After the War in South Africa / From Capetown to Ladysmith: An Unfinished Record of the South African War

Lot 309

Robertson, J. M.

Wrecking the Empire

Lot 311

Putnam, J. J. / Freud, Sigmund

Various Psychology Books

Lot 316

Jacques Nicolas Bellin

Coste Occidentale d\'Afrique, Depuis le XIe Degre de Latitude Meridionale jusqu\'au Cap de Bonne Esperance

Lot 317

Johann Baptist Homann

Totius Africae Nova Repraesentatio

Lot 318

J.N. Sahni

Indian Railways - One Hundred Years 1853-1953

Lot 320

Pretoria Art Museum

J H Pierneef - Pretorian, Transvaler, South African

Lot 334

Clement M. Doke

Trekking in South Central Africa 1913-1919

Lot 335

Colin R. Owen

The Military Badges and Insignia of Southern Africa (signed)

Lot 336

Freeman Patterson

Namaqualand - Garden of the Gods (Signed)

Lot 338

Malcolm Cobern

Story of the Fish Hoek Valley

Lot 343

Layard (E.L.) & Sharpe (R.B.)


Lot 344

Nuttall (G. Clarke)


Lot 347

Hooper, J

Bloodsong! - First-hand Accounts of a Modern Private Army in Action: Angola 1993-1995

Lot 348

Darley (Wm.), Artist

"Devils Peak, Table Mountain – Cape of Good Hope, May 1869"

Lot 353

Dawe (James Edwin Edward)

A Group of Four Nienteenth Century Original Ethnographical Watercolour Portrait Studies

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