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Lot 291

F E lloyd (SIGNED)

Rhodesian Patrol

Lot 293

J. W. Spalding

The Japan Expedition

Japan and Around the World; An Account of Three Visits to the Japanese Empire …

Lot 295

G.S. Nienaber

Khoekhoense Stamname

'n Voorlopige Verkenning

Lot 297

SA Defence Force

Guide to Obstacle Training / Handleiding vir Hindernisopleiding

Lot 300

Cohen (John Brett)

IMAGES OF MY WORLD (Limited edition signed by the photographer)

Lot 314

Joseph John Doke (1861-1913), Baptist Minister, Johannesburg.

M. K. Gandhi : An Indian Patriot in South Africa (the first Gandhi biography, published in 1909!)

Lot 317

Ente (W.K.)


en de vooruitzigten der kolonisatie aldaar

Lot 328

Donald Moodie

An Inquiry into the Justice and Expediency of Completing the Publication of the Authentic Records

of the Cape of Good Hope, Relative to the Aboriginal Tribes.

Lot 329

H. C. V. Leibbrandt, (Ed.).

The Rebellion of 1815.

Generally known as Slachter’sNek. A complete collection of all the papers connected with the trial of the accused; with many important annexures.

Lot 331

Commissioners of Inquiry

Hottentot Population Cape of Good Hope.

Report of the Commissioners of Inquiry relating to the Condition of the Hottentots, Bushmen, Caffres, and other Native Tribes of South Africa

Lot 336

Charles James Cooper (Ed.)

The South African Church Question.

Grahamstown Judgment (Decision of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in the Appeal of “Merriman v. Williams”).

Lot 338

Theophilus Shepstone

The Native Question. Answer to President Reitz

Lot 339

L. S. Amery (Ed.)

The Times History of the War in South Africa 1899 - 1902.

Lot 344

Frederick H. Hatch and J. A. Chalmers.

The Gold Mines of the Rand

Being a Description of the Mining Industry of Witwatersrand, South African Republic.

Lot 353

Salt (Henry)


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