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Lot 167

Colonel G. A. Mills

A Report on the causes which led to the ill-feeling between the Boers and Zulus, culminating in the Attack on the Boers by the Zulus under Sikobobo, at Holkrantz, on the 6th. May, 1902.

Lot 170

Joseph Chamberlain, Colonial Secretary

Sierra Leone - The Hut Tax War - 1898

Lot 171

C.G. Finch-Davies

Gamebirds and Waterfowl of Southern Africa

Lot 172

Captain J. I. Richardson

South African Constabulary

Lot 173

Witwatersrand Gold Mining Industry

African Tribes employed on the Witwatersrand Gold Mines

Lot 177

Percival R. Kirby

Musical Instruments of The Native Races of South Africa

Lot 179


South Africa 1897 - A Photograph Album

Lot 183


British Bechuanaland

Lot 184

E. A. Maund

On Matabele and Mashona Lands

Lot 186

prepared by Colonel Ferris

Draft History of The British South Africa Company - Part One for Office use only

Lot 189

Principal of a Private School

A Journal of the Siege of Kimberley by a Lady

Lot 191

Lt. Col. Ron Reid Daly (as told to Peter Stiff)

Selous Scouts Top Secret War

Lot 192

David Leboff and Tim Demuth

No need to Ask - Early Maps of London Underground Railways

Lot 193

Doyle P. Liebenberg

The Drakensberg of Natal (Signed)

Lot 197

Schoeman, Karel

Vrystaatse Erfenis. Bouwerk en geboue in die 19e eeu (1982)

Lot 198

Oberholzer, Hannes

Pioneers of Early Aviation in South Africa (dedicated by author; 1974)

Lot 199

Collins, Wm W

Free Statia. Reminiscences of a lifetime in the Orange Free State, South Africa. (first edition, 1907)

Lot 200

Collins, Wm W

Free Statia. Reminiscences of a lifetime in the Orange Free State (Africana Collectanea limited numbered edition; 1965)

Lot 201

Van Schoor, M C E, and others (compilers)

Christiaan Rudolf de Wet 1854-1922 (Afrikaans; 1954)

Lot 206

Poe (Edgar Allan) (Dulac Illustrator)


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