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Lot 16


Studies in the Anglo-Zulu War(Signed)

Lot 17


Select Documents: A Zulu War Sourcebook(Signed)

Lot 35


The Longest Battle.The War at Sea 1939-45

Lot 37


Junkers Ju 87 STUKA

Lot 38


Field Gun Jack Versus The Boers.The Royal Navy in South Africa 1899-1900(Signed)

Lot 91

Butler, Josephine E.

Native Races and the War

Lot 93

Hobhouse, Emily (Collected and translated historical records)

War Without Glamour, or Women\'s War Experiences written by themselves 1899-1902

Lot 130

Oosthuizen, S P R

Die Beheer, Behandeling en Lewe van die Krygsgevangenes Gedurende die Anglo-Boereoorlog, 1899-1902 (1975)

Lot 142

Van Bruggen, J R L (Kleinjan)

Bittereinders (1935)

Lot 224

Goetzsche, Eric

The Official Natal Mounted Rifles History

Lot 242

Irving, David

The War Path - Hitler\'s Germany 1933-1939 - SIGNED BY AUTHOR

Lot 261

Shell South Africa Ltd

The South African War 1899-1902 (set of 39 photos plus Introduction

Lot 288

Burleigh (Bennet)


Lot 294

[Waters (Colonel W.H.H.) Translator]


Lot 309

Boer War Map


Lot 313

Boer War Map


Lot 314

[James, Lionel] \'The Intelligence Officer\'

On the Heels of De Wet

Lot 315

An Ex-Lieutenant of General de Villebois-Mareuil [Etchegoyen, Olivier d\' ]

Ten Months in the Field with the Boers. By an Ex-Lieutenant of General de Villebois-Mareuil

Lot 317

Atkins, John Black

The Relief of Ladysmith

Lot 318

Baden-Powell, Major B. F. S.

War in Practice. Some Tactical and Other Lessons of the Campaign in South Africa, 1899-1902

Lot 324

Edmeades, Lieut.-Colonel J. F.

Some Historical Records of the West Kent (Q.O.) Yeomanry 1794-1909

Lot 325

Edwards, Captain E. L. P. (compiler)

A Continuation from 1881 to 1913 of Lieutenant-Colonel William Starke\'s Short History of the East Yorkshire Regiment

Lot 326

Fuller, Major-Gen. J. F. C.

The Army in My Time

Lot 327

Garrish, A. G.

The Records of \"I\" Company. A Brief History of the East Surrey Volunteers\' Service in the South African War

Lot 330

Hillegas, Howard C.

With the Boer Forces

Lot 331

Johnston, R. E.

Ulundi to Delville Wood. The Life Story of Major-General Sir Henry Timson Lukin

Lot 332

Knight, Captain C. R. B.

Historical Records of the Buffs, East Kent Regiment (3rd Foot), formerly designated the Holland Regiment and Prince George of Denmark\'s Regiment 1704-1914. Part Two: 1814-1914

Lot 334

Luttman-Johnson, Colonel F.

Record of Services of the 3rd Battn. the Prince of Wales\'s Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians) in the South African War, 1900, 1901, 1902

Lot 335

Mackern, H. F.

Side-lights on the March. The Experiences of an American Journalist in South Africa

Lot 336

Marquis, T. G.

Canada\'s Sons on Kopje and Veldt. A Historical Account of the Canadian Contingents.

Lot 339

Norris, Major S. L.

The South African War 1899-1900. A Military Retrospect up to the Relief of Ladysmith

Lot 341

Orr, A. S.

Scottish Yeomanry in South Africa, 1900-1901. A Record of the Work and Experiences of the Glasgow and Ayrshire Companies

Lot 342

Pilcher, Colonel T. D.

Some Lessons from the Boer War 1899-1902

Lot 343

Plokhooy, C.

Met den Mauser. Persoonlijke Ervaringen in den Zuid-Afrikaanschen Oorlog

Lot 345

Rimington, Major-General M. F.

Our Cavalry

Lot 347

Rosslyn, The Earl of [James Francis Harry St. Clair-Erskine]

Twice Captured. A Record of Adventure During the Boer War

Lot 348

Sceales, George McL.

Historical Calendar of the Princess Louise\'s 91st (Originally 98th) Highlanders

Lot 349

Stonham, Charles, and Benson Freeman

Historical Records of the Middlesex Yeomanry 1797 - 1927

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