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Lot 302

Ambrose Reeves

Shooting At Sharpeville

Lot 303



Lot 307

Walter George Barttelot

The Life of Edmund Barttelot and his Diary of the Congo

Captain and Brevet-Major Royal Fusiliers Commander of the Rear Column of the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition

Lot 309

J. H. Driberg

THE LANGO - A Nilotic Tribe of Uganda (1923)

Lot 310

Joan A. Broster (text), Herbert C. Bourn (photographs)

AMAGQIRHA - Religion, Magic And Medicine In Transkei (1981)

Lot 311

J. L. Smail

From The Land Of The Zulu Kings (Limited Edition)

Lot 313


1.) The Cape Coloured Vote - A Common Role Or Political Apartheid (1953) & Race Attitudes In South Africa (1957)

Lot 315


1.) Cape Town Pictures [1901] & 2.) Views of South Africa [1902]

Lot 316

Govt of Tanganyika

Tanganyika Guide

Lot 318

Govt of Tanganyika

A Guide to Tanganyika

Lot 320

G.W. Wilson & Co. / P.j.Petersen & Co. (Compilors.)

Three Photograph Albums of Views of Cape Town.

Lot 322

L S B Leakey

Defeating the Mau Mau

Lot 323

F J Ashley

With A Motor Bike In The Bush

Lot 324

John F Burger

African Camp-Fire Nights

Lot 325

Taffy and David Shearing

The Rebel Record - South African War 1899-1902 - Cape Commando Series

Complete in 3 volumes

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