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Lot 33

Charles Baker ADAMS (1814-1853).

Catalogue of Genera and Species of recent shells, in the collection of C.B. Adams … (printed for gratuitous distribution).

Quite rare - the 'Clench Duplicate' copy.

Lot 35

Charles M. WHEATLEY, J.J.F. WHITEAVES, and others.

[UNITED STATES & CANADA. - Four general malacological works, concerning shells in the North America].

Including an author's presentation copy.

Lot 37

C.R. ORCUTT, J.G. COOPER and others.

[UNITED STATES, CALIFORNIA & MEXICO. - Four works, concerning, in the main, shells and conchology in California and Mexico.]

Lot 38

Joseph Charles Hippolyte CROSSE (1826-1898, collection ?).

[A collection of nine malacological works, uniformly bound, two inscribed to ‘Mons. H. Crosse’]

Various authors, all bound in 19th-century in oatmeal-colored paper covered boards

Lot 39

Laurent Guillaume de KONINCK (1809-1887, collection).

[A group of five malacological works, bound in four volumes, with lozenge-shaped labels to the bindings]

From Laurent Guillaume de Koninck's library, sold to the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard

Lot 40

[GERMAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, various authors]

[A collection of 12 malacological works, pamphlets and off-prints, substantially bound, a number inscribed]

Lot 42

Paul Henri FISCHER (1835-1893) & Pierre Marie Henri FISCHER (1865-1916).

[Three malacological books, in French, from the libraries of the Fischers, pere et fils. - All inscribed].

Both father and son served as editors of the 'Journal de Conchyliogie'.

Lot 43

Carmelo MARAVIGNA (1782-1851), and others.

[SICILY & SARDINIA: four malacological works].

Lot 44

Frederick Wollaston HUTTON (1836-1905).

[NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA: a small collection of nine malacological works by Hutton, off-prints or extracts, some inscribed].

Lot 45

Antonio VILLA (1806-1885) & Gio. Battista VILLA (1810-1887).

[ITALY, Milan: four malacological works, three by the Villa brothers].

Two inscribed by their author.

Lot 46

Edoardo BONARDI, Arturo ISSEL, and others.

[ITALY: a collection of 31 malacological works, offprints, in 15 volumes, in Italian].

Lot 47

Giovanni RIGACCI (1816-1871), Luigi BENOIT (1804-1890), Luigi STALIO and others.

[ITALY: a collection of 23 malacological works, offprints and extracts, in Italian].

Lot 48

Victor AUDOUIN (1797-1841), Albert GRANGER (1838-1911), Ernest DUBRUEIL and others.

[FRANCE: five malacological works, in French, four inscribed by their authors]

Lot 53

Fritz HAAS (1886-1969).

[A collection of 40 malacological works in German, English or Spanish , in 31 volumes, mostly extracts or off-prints, ]

14 inscribed, most of these read ‘vom verfasser’ (‘from the author’).

Lot 54

John William BRAZIER (1842-1930).

[AUSTRALIA. – a collection of 21 malacological works in five volumes, mostly off-prints or extracts, a few inscribed by Brazier].

Lot 55

Charles HEDLEY (1862-1926), and others.

[AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, etc.. – a collection of 27 malacological works in 22 volumes, including off-prints or extracts].

Authored or co-authored by Hedley.

Lot 56

Bernard Charles COTTON (1905-1966), and others

[AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, etc.: a collection of 17 malacological works in 11 volumes, including off-prints].

Authored or co-authored by Cotton, and including works presented by the author

Lot 57

Edward Sylvester MORSE (1838-1925).

[Drop-head title:] Synopsis of the Fluviatile and Terrestrial Mollusca of the State of Maine.

Very rare: inscribed to a colleague William Greene Binney is the likely recipient.

Lot 58


[AMERICA. – a collection of 11 malacological works, mostly off-prints, in 5 volumes].

Lot 59

John William BRAZIER (1842-1930).

Catalogue of the Marine Shells of Australia and Tasmania. [Parts, i - III]

Part. I with both the cancelled and uncancelled versions of p.17 together with the subsequently issued pp.18-19.

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