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Lot 67

Bird, A V (author and editor); C S Barlow (foreword); and others

The paintings of Norman Lighton for Roberts Birds of South Africa (number 68 of signed subscribers' edition of 350 copies)

Plates from original paintings by Norman C K Lighton

Lot 106

Fitzsimons, F W

The Natural History of South Africa. Birds Vols I and II (1923)

With 10 coloured plates and numerous illusrations from photographs, etc

Lot 206

Skead, C J (editor)*; John Voelcker (foreword)

The Canaries, Seedeaters and Buntings of Southern Africa

*In collaboration with Jack Vincent, Cecily Niven, G R McLachlan and J M Winterbottom. Colour plates by C G Davies, D M Henry, C E Talbot, Norman Lighton, and John…

Lot 260

Winterbottom, J M (reviser)

Priest's Eggs of Southern African Birds

(First published in 1948; revised edition, first impression 1971)

Lot 324

William Yarrell

A History Of British Birds

Illustrated by 520 wood-engravings.

Lot 358

Mackworth-Price, C W, and Captain C H B Grant

African Handbook of Birds. 1 Birds of Eastern and North-Eastern Africa (2 vols). 2 Birds of the Southern Third of Africa (2 vols)

Lot 359

Clancey, P A (author and illustrator); Dennis Cleaver (photographer)

The Birds of Natal and Zululand (1964) (signed and dated)

Illustrated by 40 colour plates, a map andd 40 text figures by the author and 17 photographic plates by Dennis Cleaver

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