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Lot 9

Robert Andrew PARKER (b.1927)

[Movies / 13 Hand Colored / etchings / By / Robert Andrew Parker / W. Cornwall CT].

From the personal collection of the artist.

Lot 13

[Jazz: Chick WEBB, Ella FITZGERALD and others.]. – Robert Andrew PARKER (artist).

Savoy 12 Etchings about the Savoy Ballroom 1938.

The artist's own copy.

Lot 16

[LEXICON]. – Robert Andrew PARKER (b.1927).

[“A Yiddish Lexicon / Volume One [all published] / Words that have practically entered the English language

with hand-colored drawings by / Robert Andrew Parker”]. The artist's own copy.

Lot 22

[MORMONISM, the Book of Mormon]. - Rev John Alonzo CLARK (1801-1843).

Gleanings by the Way.

First edition, and apparently rare: the last copy listed as having sold at auction was the Streeter copy in 1968

Lot 24

Leonard COHEN (1934-2016).

The Favorite Game a novel.

the author’s first novel

Lot 33

Frederick H. TEESE (1823-1894, U.S. Rep. from New Jersey). – John TORREY (1796-1873).

Manuscript notebook containing ‘Lectures On Botany Delivered before the Sophomore Class of 1841 By Dr. Torrey.

transcribed by Frederick Halstead Teese

Lot 40


[Three books by Elmore Leonard]

including two signed limited editions

Lot 44

Bruce ROGERS (designer). - Jonathan SWIFT.

A Voyage to Lilliput… [and]; A Voyage to Brobdingnag by Dr. Lemuel Gulliver.

Lot 45


The Russian Tea Room Cookbook … Introduction by Clive Barnes

Lot 48

AMERICAN SOCIALIST in Paris. - George WILKES (1817-1885)

The Internationale: Its Principles and Purposes. Being a Sequel to the Defense of the Commune.

Lot 54

Lucille CORCOS (1909-1973, artist)

Original artwork, a section of a theatre audience viewed from the stage

Lot 55

Robert ‘Bob’ Theodore MCCALL (1919-2010)

[The Music Room windows], a pair of original paintings, gouache, watercolor and wash

Lot 56

Grover CLEVELAND (22nd and 24th President of the United States). – Robert MCELROY.

Grover Cleveland. The Man and the Statesman. An Authorized Biography [Introduction by Elihu Root].

inscribed by Cleveland's widow to her son-in-law

Lot 58

Igor Ivan SIKORSKY (1889-1972). - George BUIVID (1917-1966, compiler).

[Chicago World's Fair] Photo Album including journey to the fair in Igor Sikorsky’s seaplane.

photographs, personal and commercial, and related postcards, recalling the trip of a lifetime for teenager George Buivid: a visit to the World’s Fair in July 1933,…

Lot 60

James Montgomery FLAGG (1877-1960, artist).

Original character study of a bearded African American man seated on a box, laughing.

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