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Lot 419

J. Angus Hamilton

The Siege of Mafeking

Lot 421

J. Barclay Lloyd

One Thousand Miles with the C.I.V.

Lot 425

Charles Dickens

Lot of 3 Easton Press Collector's Editions of Novels by Charles Dickens

Lot 429

FW Fox & ME Norwood Young

Food From the Veld: Edible Wild Plants of Southern Africa

Lot 431

Wu Cheng'en

Journey to the West (I-VI) - Library of Chinese Classics

Lot 432

I. Schapera

THE KHOISAN PEOPLES OF SOUTH AFRICA - Bushmen and Hottentots (1930) - in scarce original dust jacket

Lot 435

Walter Rose

Veld and Vlei - a popular Account of South Africa's Frogs, Toads, Lizards, Snakes & Tortoises (1929) - in original dust jacket

Lot 436


Keith Alexander Lot - TWO items - Book and Catalogue

Lot 437

David Livingstone

MISSIONARY TRAVELS AND RESEARCHES IN SOUTH AFRICA . (1857 'true 1st edition' - Scarce 'Bradlow Variant No. 1.')

Including a sketch of Sixteen Years' Residence in the Interior of Africa, and a …

Lot 452

Alfred Bertrand


A voyage of exploration in Africa, returning by the Victoria Falls, Matabeleland, the Transvaal, Natal and the Cape translated by A.B. Miall

Lot 454

Balson, Professor Edward, and others; foreword by S J Naude

A Survey of Rent-Paying Capacity of Urban Natives (1960)

Lot 458

Lucas, T. J.

Camp Life and Sport in South Africa

Experiences of Kaffir Warfare with the Cape Mounted Rifles

Lot 459

James Sutherland

The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter

Lot 462

Meredith, Martin

The State of Africa. A History of Fifty Years of Independence

Lot 464

A.R.E. Burton

The Cape Colony for The Settler

Its urban and rural industries. Their development and extension, etc.

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