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Lot 76

Palmer, Eve & Pitman, Norah


covering all known indigenous species in the Republic of South Africa, South-West Africa, Botswana, Lesotho & Swaziland

Lot 77

Coetzer, W.H.


the autobiography of WH Coetzer.

Lot 78

Mellon, James & Other Authorities

African Hunter

Lot 80

Robertson, Kevin

It Shouldn't Happen - Light Hearted African Adventures (Signed & Numbered 126 of 1000 copies)

Lot 81

Percival, A Blaney

A Game Rangers Note Book (First UK Edition)

Lot 85

Ker, Donald I

African Adventure

Lot 86

York, William

African Adventures and Misadventures (Signed & Numbered edition 408 of 1000 copies)

Escapades in East Africa with Mau Mau and Giant Forest Hogs

Lot 87

Sutherland, James

The Adventures of an Elephant Hunter - Facsimile Edition - Safari Press.

Lot 89

Quik, W.J & Stolk, J

De postwaardestukken van Zuid-West Afrika 1888-1990 - The Postal Stationery of South West Africa 1888-1990

Lot 90

Kazantzakis, Nikos

The Last Temptation. (First English Edition)

Lot 91

Kazantzakis, Nikos

God's Pauper. St. Francis of Assissi (First Edition)

Lot 94

Wincza, Ada and Laddy

Bush and Plains. (Signed and Numbered 666 of 1000 copies - with further inscription)

An African Hunting Heritage Book

Lot 95

Harland, Richard

The Hunting Imperative - Biography of a Boy in Africa (First Edition - 2001)

Lot 96

Lyell, Denis D.

The African Elephant and It's Hunters (Facsimile reprint edition 270 of 525 copies)

Lot 99


The Post Offices of The Cape Of Good Hope to 1910. Plus Volumes on The Transvaal,Natal and The Orange Free State (5)

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