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Lot 27

Major Ashe & Captain Edgell

The Story of the Zulu Campaign (1880)

Lot 63

Du Plessis, I.D.


history, religion, traditions, folk tales, the Malay Quarter

Lot 187

Dennis Edwards & Co. (Compilers.)

The Anglo-Boer War Album 1899-1900. Kimberley Edition.

An Album of upwards of Three Hundred Photographic Engravings. A Picture Record of the Movements of the British, Colonial and Boer Forces Engaged in the Conflict.

Lot 198

Government Printer

Reports on the Outbreak of the Rebellion, Rebellion Losses Commission, Judical Commission of Inquiry - Rebellion - Dec, 1916

Lot 202

Hugh Marshall Hole

The Passing of the Black Kings

Lot 205

George Beet and Others.

Collection of Books on Kimberley and Diamond Fields.

Lot 206

House of Assembly

Report of the Select Committee on REBELLION - 1915

Lot 208

V. R. Markham

The South African Scene.

Lot 211

Mrs. Fred Maturin.

Petticoat Pilgrims on Trek.

Lot 213

Dr. J.J.G. Grobbelaar.

Die Vrystaatse Republiek en die Basoetoe-Vraagstuk.

Lot 215

J.L. Stead / E.J.C. Wagenaar

The Development and Failure of the Eastern Cape Separatist Movement. / A Forgotten Frontier Zone ...

Lot 220

Printed by order of Mr. Speaker

Cape of Good Hope Index to the Annexures and Printed Papers of the Assembly 1898-1903

And aslo to the principal Resolutions adopted, and to the Bills and Printed Select Committee and Commission Reports

Lot 222

A. Wilmot, F.R.G.S.

Geography of South Africa, / History of the Cape Colony,

For the Use of Schools.

Lot 227

Hon. H. Cloete, L.L.D.

The History of the Great Boer Trek.

Lot 228

Dr. W.J. Leyds.

Tweede verzameling (Correspondentie 1899 - 1900.)

Deel I. Eerste Band.

Lot 238

Bradlow, Frank R.


a selection of published papers

Lot 249

Willam Holden

The past and future of the Kaffir races

Lot 250

Jacob Ludwig Döhne

Zulu Kafir Dictionary Etymologically Explained

Lot 253


Gleanings in Africa

Exhibiting a Faithful and Correct View of the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants of the Cape of Good Hope and Surrounding Country. With a full and comprehensive…

Lot 278

Sir Percy Fitzpatrick

Jock of the Bushveld

Lot 281

The Robben Island Art Company & Trust (RIACT)

Section of fence with certificate of authenticity that surrounded Robben Island Prison

Lot 285

Hobhouse, Emily

Tant' Alie of Transvaal. Her diary 1880-1902. Translated from the Taal (1923)

Lot 291

Peter Becker

Path of Blood / Rule of Fear

The Life and Times of Dingane / The Rise and Conquests of Mzilikazi Founder of the Matabele

Lot 297

Lady Duff Gordon

Letters from the Cape

Lot 302

M Whiting Spilhaus

South Africa in the making 1652-1806

Lot 305

J von Moltke


Lot 306

Emil Holub

Seven Years in South Africa (Two volumes)

Travels, Researches and Hunting Adventures Between the Diamond Fields and the Zambezi 1872-79

Lot 311

Mark Cochlan

On the fringes of Buller's army.

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