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Photography (20th Century) - US Auction #4 Results

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Lot 5

1951 INDIANAPOLIS 500. - Robert H. WESTMORELAND (d. 1999, photographer).

A small group of original Kodachrome 5 x 4 inch photos. taken by Westmoreland before the 1951 running of the Indianapolis 500

Lot 6

BOHEMIAN GROVE, California. - Charles Peter Gabriel MOULIN (1872-1945, photographer)

Framed and inscribed portrait of Charles Kellogg FIELD (1873-1948), the subject shown seated on a bench in the Bohemian Grove.

Inscribed by C.K. Field to his cousin, author Roswell Martin Field

Lot 8

Bertrand H. WENTWORTH (Maine, 1868-1953)

The House Under The Willow

Signed sepia gelatin print

Lot 10

Sidney Edward LETTS (1868-1940, London antiques dealer). – [Unknown photographer]

[Antiques] A numbered collection of forty four vintage photographs featuring 397 separate numbered items of stock

Each with associated mimeographed typescript list pasted to the verso of the mounts

Lot 13


(Circus people) A portrait of Lavinia MAGRI (Mrs Tom THUMB) between Count Pierrot MAGRI & Count Ernesto MAGRI

Signed and inscribed by Lavinia, Pierrot and Ernesto

Lot 16

Alfred Cheney JOHNSTON [Ziegfeld girls photographer]

[Lucille Bremer Nude]

A fine image of the actress posing onstage

Lot 69


[Group Portraits]. Approx 26 mounted photographs

Lot 91

Spencer Lionel ADAMS; T. ENAMI

(Photographer's Archive) An author/lecturer's extensive collection of 4-5000 original images

Hundreds of Glass Slides with Coloring by T. Enami, a legendary Japanese Studio

Lot 92

Bernard HOFFMAN; George SILK; Carl MYDANS; LIFE Magazine

(WWII; Journalism) 4 large format b&w LIFE magazine photos; Gen. MacArthur's on arrival at Atsugi, Japan 1945

Atsugi Airfield; American Troops in Japan

Lot 93

Military Photographers

Lot of 20 WWII Official Images, stamped on backs


Lot 95

U.S. Military; L. V. EASTMAN

(WWII) Archive of 40+ Official Photographs stamped on backs

Heya Shima, Okinawa, Black Forest, China, Pearl Harbor, etc

Lot 97

U.S. Military

(Military) Group of 50+ War photos including 20 Stamped CINCPOA-- Press Censor markings

Disturbing images of Flamethrower & Foxhole; Downed Planes, etc.

Lot 99

Military Photographers

(Military) WWII Group of 29 images stamped "OFFICIAL SIGNAL CORPS RADIO-TELEPHOTO"

General Patton, German street scenes; fighting in Italy, etc.

Lot 102

[attributed to Ursula L. VOGT]

A small collection of six Cyanotype contact prints of feathers and plants

Ursula Vogt was attended the Moravian College, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - these may have been produced as part of her college course work

Lot 105

[Unidentified British Photographer, mid-century]

[United Kingdom and the Royal Navy] Twenty photographs, mounted as if for an exhibiton

Lot 113


30+ Cyanotypes Lyme, N.H. area, Connecticut River north of Thetford Bridge

Various sizes, some with pencil notes on verso

Lot 137

Gaston MADRU

(WWII) Rare telex printout with 6 News of the Day Press Photographs

Shots of Paris under Nazi rule by Gaston Madru

Lot 152

[Herr HASENÖHRL – possible photographer] & Baron von HUENEFELD (aviator)

[China] “Die Europa im Shanghai 1928” a sheet mounted with six photographs recording the visit of the “Europa 2506” an aeroplane

During an ‘around the world’ attempt by Baron von Huenefeld & K.G. Lindner

Lot 155

[Herr HASENÖHRL – possible photographer]

[China] Views in Shanghai, Peking and elsewhere

Lot 156

Cole WESTON (1919-2003, photographer)

[Fall Oak leaves]

Lot 157

Cole WESTON (1919-2003, photographer)

[Tree stump]

Lot 170

Military photographers

(War at sea) Collection of 65+ WWII press photos, mainly US Navy operations

Contemporary prints, most with detailed information stamped on backs.

Lot 172

U.S. Navy

(Movies; WWII) Press "Stills" from 2 films, TO THE SHORES OF IWO JIMA & THE ENEMY STRIKES

Lot 175


Le Document Photographique, Serie II

Lot 221

Robert F. SHEEHAN (1922-1969),

A single photograph of the Rotherhithe Tunnel under the Thames (in London) taken in 1959, the 6th part of an archive of work

the 6th and final part of an archive of work

Lot 222


(Literary) Signed portrait of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables

Fine silver print of the author of Anne of Green Gables

Lot 225


(Geology) Surveying oil field in Oklahoma 1927-28 for the Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company

Annotated album leaves documenting a storied chapter in American Indian oil history and the army of field geologists it employed

Lot 243

[GOLF, in the US]. - [Unknown photographer]

A collection of 18 photographs of a golfing tournament(s)

Lot 251


A Yale athlete 1902 photo album, students, professors, sports, banjo club, etc.

H. B. Stoddard, 1902, was Captain of the Yale hockey team for 1903

Lot 256


(Military) A vernacular lot including Polaroid's -- WWII & 1950's

Slice-of-life photographs, with some goofing around

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