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Photography (19th century) - US Auction #4 Results

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Lot 3

John Duke COLERIDGE (1820-1894, compiler) - N. T. CARRINGTON & W. BURT (authors).

Dartmoor: a Descriptive Poem, by N.T. Carrington, author of the Banks of Tamar ... With a preface and notes, by W. Burt,

Extra-illustrated with early photographs of Dartmoor

Lot 22

Hon. Richard Clere PARSONS & Agnes Elizabeth PARSONS (nee BATEMAN)

An album recording the Parsons family holidays, overseas trips, and family occasions

A mixture of amateur photographs by Richard Parsons and professional work recording the places they visited

Lot 24

[AMERICANS in Europe]. - S. Harvey DUNLOP & Dr. [?] DUNLOP

An album of 'candid' amateur photographs recording the transantlantic crossing and European tour of the Dunlop family.

Visiting Paris, Brussels, the site of Waterloo, Italy, Switzerland, London, Ireland, and more

Lot 27


Portraits of two young men

Ambrotypes in Union Cases

Lot 28

[ANONYMOUS] Cornelius Rea AGNEW, American surgeon

Fine portrait viewed on both sides showing both profiles

Case see trough Ambrotype

Lot 30


Portrait of middle age couple plus another of a younger man.


Lot 32


Portrait of elderly couple together with a portrait of a young widow

Daguerreotypes in half cases

Lot 46


A portrait of a mother and two children

Union cased daguerreotype

Lot 47


Portrait of Charlotte Hotchkiss

1 Cased daguerreotype, sitter identified

Lot 58

ALINARI, Florence, Italy; others

CDV collection. Wilson Eyer family, Consul in Venice during the period of Italian unification.

50+ CDVs taken in Italy, men, women, children & a dog

Lot 60


[Men]. Over 160 CDVs of Men

Lot 62

[ANONYMOUS (photographer)] - George Esten COOKE (1793 - 1849, subject)

Daguerreotype copy of a portrait of George Cooke at work on a portrait of Henry Clay

Mother of pearl case

Lot 65


[Men]. Over 110 Cabinet Cards of Men.

Lot 75

Philip MORAND and others [PHOTOGRAPHERS]

[CHILDREN PORTRAITS(4)] Portrait of a child sitting in high chair plus 3 others

Cased daguerreotype, one ambrotype in a Union Case, two tintypes in half cases

Lot 83


[Class Portraits and Schools]. 8 mounted albumen images.

Lot 85


[Soldiers, Military]. 24 images, albumen and silver prints.

Lot 109


(Occupational; Long Island) 19th Century Cabinet Card of 2 men, a horse & a cart marked "L. CHRIST. SEA CLIFF, BAKER"

Together with a 19th c. photograph of a Mt. Kisco, N.Y. TEA WAGON

Lot 111


(Geology; Firemen) Connecticut lot: 17 unusual cabinet cards, many of rock formations, 19th century.

Lot 112

[Attributed to Hildegarde or Eugen BECHER (photographers)]

A rare 19th-century experimental multi-exposure image of men in a vaulted room.

Lot 116


Double portrait of woman and two men with hunting guns

Cased daguerreotype and ambrotype

Lot 119

R. M. MCINTOSH [photographer]

Portrait of young man in white hat.

Cased signed ambrotype

Lot 120


Portrait of smartly dressed man

Peck Union cased ambrotype

Lot 121


Double portrait of mother and child and child alone

Cased daguerreotypes in mother of pearl and lacquer case

Lot 138


Portrait of sitting young woman, Portrait of Charles Cushman and wife

I cased daguerreotype and an uncased daguerreotype of a bespectacled man and spouse

Lot 144


Portraits of two women and two young men

Cased daguerreotypes one in mother of pearl case

Lot 146


(Canada) 4 Cabinet Cards of Quebec City including Wolf's Monument and Jail,

4 images of Quebec City including Wolf's Monument and Jail, Montcalm Monument, Parliament House, Dufferin Terrace. Photographer not named. Light wear.

Lot 153


(Folk art) Cigar Store Indian Cabinet Card, c. 1880's

Woman wearing a dotted Swiss overlay

Lot 159

[FRENCH School, 19th century]

[Two tree studies]

Lot 160

[ROME].- JJoseph SPITHOVER (publisher of photographs, active 1850s-1870s).

Arch of Titus. Rome

See 12th May

Lot 161

[ROME].- Joseph SPITHOVER (publisher of photographs, active 1850s-1870s).

St. Peters

Lot 162

[ROME].- Joseph SPITHOVER (publisher of photographs, active 1850s-1870s).

Temple of Peace

Lot 163

[ROME].- Joseph SPITHOVER (publisher of photographs, active 1850s-1870s)

[Pair of images of Statues] Sophocles [and] Pudicizia

Lot 164

[ROME].- Joseph SPITHOVER (publisher of photographs, active 1850s-1870s).

Interior of the Arch of Titus

Lot 165


(Bicycles) Group of 12 early mounted images of men and women with bicycles

4 with women

Lot 178


Men in a lecture hall with chalk board ?school auditorium? class room ?

Composite albumen print

Lot 189

PACH Bros. [photographers]

Men in theatrical costumes and in women's clothes

Large sepia

Lot 190


Tinted daguerreotype of a painting of a man’s profile

Cased daguerreotype of a painted portrait and another, a CDV of a Mayflower pilgrim

Lot 197

J. C. KENDALL & others [photographers]

Taxicum Sniffler, man posing with suitcase, young girl smartly dressed holding an umbrella

Seven cabinet cards depicting people posing in costumes.

Lot 198

[DOUBLE EXPOSURE / COMPOSITE images]. - WARMKESSEL and S. F. CONANT (photographers)

Two images: "Wheeling himself to Warmkessel's Studio" & [A double portrait of the same man playing two different instruments]

The first a cabinet card of a man wheeling himself in a wheelbarrow; the second a CDV of a composite of one musician playing two instruments

Lot 204


Memorial photographs and post-mortem images

9 Cabinet cards, 4 Cartes de Visite, 1 tintype and 1 large photo

Lot 210

PACH Bros.

(Science; Technology) Large Photograph of Men with Optical Equipment

Lot 211

Numerous Photographers

(Genealogy) Early American Photo Albums-- cdv's and tintypes, inc.

Unsophisticated, early American photo albums--

Lot 214


American Indians and American scenery and architecture

80 black and white glass slides

Lot 228

Various Photographers; George Washington Couch

(Women; young boy) 5 early albums-- CDV's, Tintypes, albumens & Vernacular images.

Tintype of soldier; an album filled with 1 woman over 50 years; dead baby & an out going family

Lot 230

George TABER, New Bedford

(Photographica ephemera)Early Photo illustrated Hymnal cards

Along with a group of other photo Illust ephemera

Lot 234


Early mounted images of Cuba

Lot 239


Fine portrait of a young man

see-through ambrotype

Lot 240


Two fine daguerreotype portraits of the same woman

1 quarter plate and one sixth plate color-tinted daguerreotypes

Lot 244


(Humor) 6 Humorous Cabinet Cards “On the Way to Donnybrook” Studio shots

Lot 246

Borman & Johnson

(Newburgh, NY) CHARLES BORMAN’S STUDIO Cabinet Card of a Photographer In his workspace

Identified on verso

Lot 248


Faculty or scholars posing for the tintype, together with 2 other tintypes

Four men posing with apparatus and books on side table, sixth plate tintype

Lot 260


Fine photograph of the PACH brothers posing with the camera on a tripod

Very good seemingly unpublished albumen photograph from a PACH Brothers archive

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