Illuminated Manuscripts - US Auction #7 Results

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Lot 111

[Illuminated Manuscript] Anonymous

Illuminated Manuscript Leaf in Latin on Velum, includes St. John, I am the vine, you are the branches

A double-sided, double-columned manuscript leaf from a Lectio Divina

Lot 169

Rouen Style of Illumination

Leaf from a Book of Hours, Gold Leaf, Ink, and Tempera on Vellum, Rouen, ca. 1500

Beautiful floral border from a Book of Hours in excellent condition.

Lot 171

Paris Style Illumination

Calendar Leaf for the month of February, Leaf from a Book of Hours dedicated to Catherine de Medici, Paris, c. 1490

Calendar leaf (including the mention of St. Valentine), from a Book of Hours, Paris, c. 1490

Lot 203

Italian School

Illuminated Initials “T” and “M” from a Gradual Manuscript on Vellum in Latin. Italy, c. 1440

Beautifully illuminated Choir Leaf

Lot 212

Spanish Illuminator

Single leaf from a Gradual with "Alleluia" text, Manuscript on Vellum, Spain, c. 1600

Leaf from a Choir Book on vellum from Spain, c. 1500

Lot 214

Chronicler of the King of Spain

Leaf from a Grant of Arms, Made for the Chronicler of King Charles IV, Spain 1793

Legal document on vellum with beautiful illustrations

Lot 273

Spanish Forger

Hawking Party by the Spanish Forger, Paris, c. 1910

Rare wood panel painting by the Spanish Forger

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