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Lot 194

Ruth Rhoads Lepper, mapmaker

[PICTORIAL MAP; WOMEN] Maine writers : novelists, poets, humorists, historians, and dramatists

With one other

Lot 195

Strickland GOUGH, Benjamin HOADLY, et al. .

[FREE THOUGHT] Sammelband containing 9 separate imprints 1735-1736

Lot 196


THE NEWPORT MERCURY — Newspaper run 1842

Jan. 1- Apr. 9, 1842, single owner group

Lot 203

Italian School

Illuminated Initials “T” and “M” from a Gradual Manuscript on Vellum in Latin. Italy, c. 1440

Beautifully illuminated Choir Leaf

Lot 207

[THE NEW DEAL] Roosevelt, Franklin D.

[BUSINESS & BUREAUCRATS] ON OUR WAY--With Extensive Presentation to Charles Lambert Heyniger...

....from the National Recovery Administration (NRA) Staff 1934

Lot 208

PIUTE CREEK, YOSEMITE, California. - [Unknown photographer]

[Fly-fishing in California] A mounted vintage photograph, titled 'Piute Creek Habitat of the Golden Trout',

accompanied by four actual dry-fly specimens

Lot 211

Ellen Shaw Garrison KEAN, [Mrs. Hamilton Fish Kean]

[MANUSCRIPT] Illustrated Travel Diary of a Summer in Italy, May - August 1948

Lot 212

Spanish Illuminator

Single leaf from a Gradual with "Alleluia" text, Manuscript on Vellum, Spain, c. 1600

Leaf from a Choir Book on vellum from Spain, c. 1500

Lot 214

Chronicler of the King of Spain

Leaf from a Grant of Arms, Made for the Chronicler of King Charles IV, Spain 1793

Legal document on vellum with beautiful illustrations

Lot 222

[COLOR PRINTING] Russian Folk Tales


Lot 223

Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.

[AUTOGRAPH; BRITISH ROYALTY] Thank you note signed " Wallis "

Lot 225

CHARLES B. BRADLEY President Dir . Manual Arts , Utica

[SCRAPBOOK, DRAWINGS] Student sketchbook with mimeo instruction sheets by CHARLES B. BRADLEY, c 1909-1911

Rare early example of student work from this innovative Arts & Crafts school

Lot 242

Geoffrey Chaucer

The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

Lot 244


The Bible with the Apocrypha

Lot 257

[DRINKING] Butts, printer

[COLOR INK; BROADSIDE; HUMOR] Sermon on Malt. Boston, c. 1830

Glossy black coated stock with text and decorative border in gilt.

Lot 266


(PHOTO ARCHIVE) Early Photography— dags, tintypes, CDV’s & cased images

30 images; 1 dag has Rees photographer’s stamp

Lot 267

(Maritime music) William Brown Maloney IV

(COPY NO. 1) The Chanty Man Sings. Illustrated by John Wollcott Adams

Limited printing, slipcase

Lot 273

Spanish Forger

Hawking Party by the Spanish Forger, Paris, c. 1910

Rare wood panel painting by the Spanish Forger

Lot 280

[‘J.S.’ (translator and author]. - EPICTETUS (and others).

Fair-copy manuscript, titled ‘A Translation of the Manuel [sic.] of Epictetus:

with a brief sketch of the Philosophy of the Greeks and Romans. Some of the Dialogues of Socrates; and the Advice of Isocrates to a young man’

Lot 281

CHARLES II, King of Scotland, England & Ireland from 1660-1685.

A large legal document, [c.1660-1685] on vellum

At last 330 years old - highly decorative and eminently frameable.

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