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Hunting & Shooting - Auction #95 Results

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Lot 130

Bartlett (Fred)

SHOOT STRAIGHT AND STAY ALIVE (Limited edition signed by the author)

Lot 131

Boddington (Craig T.)

TRACKS ACROSS AFRICA (Limited edition signed by the author)

Lot 133

Burelli (Nino)

UNDER A HUNTER’S MOON (Limited edition signed by the author)

Lot 135

Decoster (Edouard – Pierre)

BREATH OF AFRICA (Limited edition signed by the author)

Lot 136

Harland( Richard)

THE HUNTING IMPERATIVE (Limited edition signed by the author)

Lot 137

Thummler (Hubert) and Quimby (Bill)

WIND IN MY FACE (Limited edition signed by the author)

Lot 237

William Charles Baldwin, Esq., F.R.G.S.


From Natal to the Zambesi, including Lake Ngami, the Kalahari Desert, etc., from 1852 to 1860.

Lot 284

Stewart Allan

The Green Eyes Are Buffaloes ( Signed )

Lot 286

JORDAN, John Alfred

The Elephant Stone

Lot 292

Cotton, W.B.

Sport in the Eastern Sudan from Souakin to the Blue Nile

Lot 294

The Natal Hunters and Game Conservation association

A hunter's Handbook

Lot 298

Cron, Gretchen

The Roaring Veldt

Lot 301

PATTERSON, J. H. (1867-1947)


Lot 304

Robert Ruark


Lot 322

Phillips-Wolley, Clive.

Big Game Shooting ( 2 Vols )

Lot 330

Radclyffe, C. R. E.

Big Game Shooting in Alaska

Lot 333

FOA, Edouard.

After Big Game in Central Africa

Records of a sportsman from August 1894 to November 1897, when crossing the Dark Continent from the mouth of the Zambesi to the French Congo

Lot 355

Millais, J. G.

Newfoundland and its Untrodden Ways

Lot 359

Bulpin T V

The Ivory Trail

Lot 415

Letcher (Owen)


Lot 441

Scull, E. Marshall

Hunting in the Arctic and Alaska

Lot 443

Beard Peter

The End of The Game

Lot 462

Kenneth Anderson

Six Books on Hunting and Adventure in the Indian Jungle

Lot 463

Brock Stanley E

Hunting in the Wilderness

Big Game Hunting North of the Amazon

Lot 467

William Cornwallis Harris

Narrative of an Expedition into Southern Africa (True First "Bombay" Edition, 1838)

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